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Help support your local Arizona Olympic hopefuls! Arizona’s top weightlifters will be competing in upcoming
national events that will help them reach their Olympic goals and you can help.

Recent Awards

Performance One Advanced Sports Training was rated “The #1 Place to Work-Out in the East Valley!” Thank you to all our clients, friends, and family who voted and train with us! We are so happy to know that so many of you enjoy working with Coach Joe Micela at Performance One!

Athlete Testimonials

“Joe is a well-educated and experienced coach/trainer. He has the talent to coach/train individuals for a wide range of athletic and sport interests. He has a professional maturity and business savvy that enables him to work with clients of all ages and grow his business.  I’ve trained with Joe for 6 years and have immensely enjoyed my time training with him. He is committed to each athlete’s success.”

Nathan Peterson

“Coach Micela is AWESOME!! Does so much for our kids!!”

Jineane Ford

“I have been in competitive sports my entire life, making the transitions from gymnastics to CrossFit and then olympic lifting, but until now I have never had a coach who has held me to as high, if not a higher standard than I hold myself. Joe provides an unrivaled amount of experience, knowledge, and motivation in the most positive, supportive, and inspiring of environments. ”

Samantha Wright

“Amazing atmosphere, friendly people, and phenomenal coaches! I highly recommend Performance One as your training home!”

Lisa Legarreta

“Great place to work out, especially if you have grown tired of the typical commercial gym scene. Workouts are customized for your goals, and you stay until it is done. I finished school, and needed a hobby to stay sane, so I thought, “Why not weightlifting?” Now I’m addicted.”

Ed Lawrence

“This is a gym that not only encourages physical betterment, but mental fortitude as well. While the workouts are catered to your individual needs, you gain support from those around you, which helps you make strides in your physical condition. If you’d like to become not only fit, but an athlete, talk to Joe today.”

Missy Faubus

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About Performance One

Performance One Advanced Sports Training is a private strength and conditioning facility committed to preparing athletes for the grind of their sport. We use the latest proven scientific and applied principles in the field of strength and conditioning preparing our athletes to compete at the top of their sport.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy and endurance, tone muscle or increase muscle mass, training with Performance One can help you realize your potential.

Each fitness program is specifically designed by Joe Micela, Senior International Coach for USA Weightlifting and Certified Trainer from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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Coach Joe Micela

Coach Joe Micela started Performance One back in 2000 with one goal in mind, “To contribute my knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience to the development of superior athletes.” Coach Micela has developed High School, College, Professional, and Olympic Level Athletes. He is considered a leader in the field of Olympic Weightlifting and Explosive Power Development for Sport Strength and Conditioning.

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What We Do

  • Athletic Conditioning Preparation (ACP)

    ACP is an intense interval based training training program designed to increase your muscular endurance, strength, and build an incredible aerobic base.

  • Olympic Weightlifting

    We are the premier Olympic Weightlifting training facility in Arizona working with athletes of all levels.

  • Personal Training

    Whether you’re trying to lose weight for a wedding or wanting to get in shape for recreational softball we have the program right for you.

  • Speed and Conditioning

    Speed Kills Period! We help athletes improve their speed and conditioning to crush the competition.

  • Sports Performance Training

    At Performance One our programs will enable an athlete to take his or her game to the next level!

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