Becky Walker’s Full Lifts from the ASU Open

Becky Walker won the Junior Division of the 90 kilo weight class at the ASU Open.  Becky has won every competition she has entered in 2017.

Dennis Tan wins the Junior Division 105 kilo Weight Class at the ASU Open

Junior Lifter Dennis Tan won the Junior Division of the 105 kilo weight class at the 2017 ASU Weightlifting Open on Saturday Aug 26th, 2017.  Dennis placed third at the 2017 National Junior Weightlifting Championships.  He is training hard for the American Open Finals in December.

14 year Clean and Jerks 86 kilos (189 lbs) at a body weight of 50 kilos (110 lbs)

2017 National Youth Bronze Medalist in the Clean and Jerk, Dylan Chubbuck, showing why he is so good in the Clean and Jerk, He has great technique!  Here is a video of him Clean and Jerking 86 kilos at the 2017 ASU Weightlifting Open.


Lauren Bennett takes home the Senior 90 kilo Title at the ASU Weightlifting Open

In her second competition, Lauren Bennett is showing that she has what it takes to become a top Senior National Lifter.   She won the Senior Division 90 kilo Weight Class of the 2017 ASU Weightlifting Open on Aug 26th, 2017.  Here is video of her winning snatch with 86 kilos.


Becky Walker Places First at the Arizona State University Open Weightlifting Competition

2017 National Junior Champion and Under 25 National Champion Becky Walker kept up her winning ways by taking home the Gold Medal at the 2017 Arizona State University Weightlifting Open Competition on Aug 26, 2017.  This her third event that she has placed First in this year.  Congrats!

16 Year Back Squats 200 kilos (440 lbs) 8/18/17

2017 National Youth Silver Medalist Nathan Cerwinske Back Squatting 200 kilos during his training session on 8/18/17.  This was Nate’s sixth Squat workout of the week second for that day.  It was a 10 kilo Personal Record.  He weighs 68 kilos.