Earth Fed Muscle to sponsor the 2015 Europa Games: Best in the West Weightlifting Competition

Earth Fed Muscle

We are very excited to announce that Earth Fed Muscle is the official nutritional sponsor of the 2015 Europa Games: Best of the West Weightlifting Competition on October 10th in Phoenix, Arizona.

From the Earth Fed Muscle Site:

Who are we? Chris Stamm, Dane Miller and Douglass Shuttleworth.  All of us have been involved with sports performance and healthy living for over 15 years.  Dane has traveled around the world as a competitive shot putter, arena league football player and an elite Olympic weightlifting coach.  Chris has spent years studying nutrition, bodybuilding and intense supplement regimens.  Douglass, or Big Deej as he’s known around southeastern Pennsylvania, was a team captain of his collegiate football team.  Since graduating from college, Big Deej has stepped into the Olympic weightlifting world where he has snatched 140k (309lbs) and cleaned 182k (400lbs).  

We set out on this mission to provide an elite supplement line, something no one else has ever provided.  Dane runs a strength training facility in Pennsylvania and always struggled to find the right supplements to provide his athletes with the best recovery.  After years of spending too much money, Chris and Dane decided to start their own supplement line.  Along came Big Deej and the rest is history!!  Now, Earth Fed Muscle is here to provide the absolute highest quality supplements you can find on the market.  

Over the years of training, we have tested the best possible supplements and narrowed it down to four different recovery agents that we decided to provide and market for our customers.  Instead of constantly searching the internet and wasting tons of cash, we are organizing our elite training experience to provide the absolute most effective blends for athletes and fitness gurus alike! 

Having run a world renown gym, Garage Strength in Pennsylvania for the last six years, we are just starting to launch our product globally.  Using our gym clients as lab rats, we were able to effectively create extremely healthy and potent supplement blends.  Our supplement team not only involves Chris, Dane and DJ, but also involves Olympians, national level athletes, natural bodybuilders and normal people alike that are looking for the healthiest edge to keep them in the elite echelon of their sport.  

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Phone: 610-914-1321

Instagram: @earthfedmuscle

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