Looking for a Champion

When evaluating an Olympic Weightlifter I look for the following:

1.  Flexibility- Can the athlete get into all the Starting & Finishing Positions.

2.  Coordination-Can they move from Position to Position with ease & control.

3.  Strength-Can they Hold a Position (Statically), can they move from Position to Position (Dynamically) with a Resistance while maintaining Position.

4.  Work Capacity-Can they handle a large amount of Work in a given Session, Week, Cycle, and from Cycle to Cycle.

5.  Recovery-  The ability to recover naturally & quickly from Workout to Workout.

6.  Coach-ability – Can they take direction and comprehend technique quickly with little mistakes.

With all these factors being said the first five are primarily determined by Genetics.  We need to find the genetically more gifted athletes and keep them in our sport.

The one factor that is hard to measure is Heart & Determination.  An athlete that has all the Heart in the world won’t make it in this sport at an Elite International Level without possessing phenomenal genetics.  If you have a Genetically Gifted athlete with little or no heart they will still be good but he/she will never be Elite.  You need both.  When you find that person you will have the Champion you are looking for and that who I look for everyday.

2012 Olympic Team Coach Joe Micela

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