Master’s Lifters earn Medals at the Master’s National Weightlifting Championships

Congratulations to our Master’s Lifters whom competed over the weekend at the 2015 Master’s Weightlifting Championships in Monrovia, California. First up was David Meltzer who competed in the 60 year old age division 105 kilo weight class. David went 6 for 6 and won the Gold Medal. David has been competing for over 40 years.
Next up was Jenny Clouse in the 40 year old 58 kilo weight class. This was Jenny’s first National Meet and did great. She went 4 for 6 with Competition Personal Records in the Snatch with 50 kilos and Clean & Jerk with 71 kilos, and Total 121 kilos. She finished with a Bronze Medal in a very tough group. She showed that she can compete with the best in the country and will narrow the gap between the top two girls in the coming year.
Lastly, was Fred Martinez competing in the 40 year old division 62 kilo weight class. Fred won the Gold Medal with an 80 kilo Snatch and a 90 kilo Clean & Jerk. Fred had been coming off a couple of injuries so this was a great meet back for Fred. He had close calls with 95 and 100 kilos. He is healthy and ready to attack those weights in the coming months.
Great job to all of our lifters. More medals to come and it was a great weekend in California. Let’s keep the Master’s movement going and get more Lifters competing at the highest level. If you are interested in learning and improving on your Olympic Lifts give us a call at 480-813-5477.


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