Rack Presses for Static Bench Press Strength

Two of our Powerlifters worked up to their heaviest Rack Press yesterday. The bar is set on the rack at about a 90 degree angle and then they are to start the bar at that point and drive up.

The drill is meant to work on static starting strength (very difficult). Big D hit 515 lbs and his training partner Nick topped off at 505 lbs. Before this drill the guys hit 8×2 with 365 lbs for as fast as they could possibly move the bar.  We worked on this neural stimulus before working on the static strength.  The reasoning is to get the body to think Power.  Produce as much force as possible as quickly as possible.  So when we transition to the static rack press they can transfer that energy over.  Plus by hitting that much work prior to the rack presses they are building on overall endurance.

Both men will be competing next month in a qualifying event for the Olympia.

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