113 kilo Snatch by Junior Lifter

Skyline High School Senior Nate Cerwinske Snatching 113 kilos during his Training Session on Friday Aug 24th.

286 lb Snatch by 18 year old Dennis Tan

286 lbs = 130 kilo Snatch by 2017 National Junior Bronze Medalist Dennis Tan during his Training Session on Monday Sept 25th, 2017.  Dennis is Training hard for the American Open Finals later this year in California.

Performance One Weightlifters bring home some Medals from the American Open Series Event

Recap of the past weekend’s competition at the American Open Series 3rd Event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is a very nice town and the people were very nice and welcoming. The venue was very large and spacious and suitable for our event. Performance One Weightlifting brought several athletes to this competition and we are very proud of them all. First up, was Tram Tran lifting in the 53 kilo A Session. Tram had suffered a injury in the last month leading into this event and we weren’t sure whether or not she would be able to compete. She pushed through and made a great effort despite not being 100%. She Snatched 61 kilos and Clean and Jerked 75 kilos. She finished with 136 Total and in 9th Place Overall. She is very positive and we know once she is healthy she can make a big push to be in the top 5 of this weight class.

Next up was Jenny Clouse. Jenny had to lift late and night which was out of the norm for her. She made the appropriate adaptations and dealt with her situation. Jenny Snatched 63 kilos which tied her Competition Best and Clean & Jerked 80 kilos for a New Competition Record. She finished with 143 kilo Total which was another Competition Record. Jenny finished in 2nd Place in the Master’s Division of the AO Series 3.

We are very happy with both girls performance and we look forward to the next big National Competition.

93 kilo Snatch Push Press and Overhead Squat by Lauren Bennett

Don’t Stop Wednesday: Half way through the week and no time to stop and think just keep going. Here Lauren Kaye Bennett hit’s a PR in the Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat with 93 kilos. Lauren is training her butt off for the American Open Finals in Anaheim, California in December.

Lulu Arneson’s Full lifts from the ASU Weightlifting Open

Youth Lifter Lulu Arneson’s full lifts from the ASU Weightlifting Open on Saturday August 26th, 2017.

Becky Walker’s Full Lifts from the ASU Open

Becky Walker won the Junior Division of the 90 kilo weight class at the ASU Open.  Becky has won every competition she has entered in 2017.

Dennis Tan wins the Junior Division 105 kilo Weight Class at the ASU Open

Junior Lifter Dennis Tan won the Junior Division of the 105 kilo weight class at the 2017 ASU Weightlifting Open on Saturday Aug 26th, 2017.  Dennis placed third at the 2017 National Junior Weightlifting Championships.  He is training hard for the American Open Finals in December.

Lauren Bennett takes home the Senior 90 kilo Title at the ASU Weightlifting Open

In her second competition, Lauren Bennett is showing that she has what it takes to become a top Senior National Lifter.   She won the Senior Division 90 kilo Weight Class of the 2017 ASU Weightlifting Open on Aug 26th, 2017.  Here is video of her winning snatch with 86 kilos.