2009 World Weightlifting Championships – Update 3

The opening ceremony of the 2009 World Weightlifting Championships in Korea was spectacular. Korea spent no expense with break dancers, Opera, comtemporary, and pop singers entertaining the crowd for a little under two hours. There was a little over two thousand people in attendance many of which were officials, sponsors, and general fans. The competition committee made everyone know of the their Olympic Gold Medalist Jang, Mi Ran (75+ kilo lifer). She is a national hero and is expected to easily win her weight class in this tournament. Especially considering her biggest rival Mu Shushang from China is not competing. It is still bitterly cold here and now I remember why I moved from New Jersey to Arizona. I hate the cold. Take care till tomorrow.
– Coach Joe

2009 World Weightlifting Championships – Update 2

Just received the start list. Most of the US Lifters are in either the B or C session. Not terribly bad for how young and inexperienced this team is internationally. Aaron Adam’s of Shreveport, LA by way of Millville, NJ will kick things off for us tomorrow in the 62 kilo weight class. This is Aaron’s first Senior World Team but he is a multiple Junior World Team member and Pan Am Team member. Aaron will weigh in a 11 Am and Lift at 1 pm. We are expecting a good meet out of Aaron.
I just wanted to say how honored and privileged I am to serve as Assistant Coach to Galye Hatch, the Head Men’s Coach, and Bob Morris, the Head Women’s Coach . Both men bring a tremendous amount of international coaching experience to this meet. And last but not least is Henry Meyer our Team Leader/Manager. I have been Team Leader on several other competitions and it is a tireless job that requires an exuberant amount of energy and organizational skill. Henry posses both and has been on top of every little detail. We are lucky to have him. Collectively, we all bring something to the table and I believe we will be able to have a positive influence on this team.
Tonight we will go over to the venue for the Opening Ceremonies. I am expecting nothing less than awesome from the Korean people. By for now.
– Coach Joe

2009 World Weightlifting Championships – Update 1

It’s Thursday in Korea and I finally got internet access. The trip was long and tiresome. The wheather here is very cold and I’m glad I brought my heavy jacket. Living in Arizona has thinned my blood to the harsh cold wheather. Korea is an amazing country and everyone has been very nice. The food and hotel have been top notch. The competition venue is first class. I was not personally in Beijing for the Olympics but many people have compared this venue to that one. The Warm Up room is very spacious with over 15 platforms. The Training Hall which is right behind the Competition Warm Up room has 47 platforms. Uesaka weights on all the platforms. The Korean Weightlifting Federation has spared no expense on this event taking care of every little detail.
Aaron Adams trained yesterday and today and looked sharp. He is always the life of any conversation and he brings a good energy to the competition. Today I saw Kelly Rexroad, Stacy Suyama, and Caleb Williams train. All seemed to be working off some rust from the trip. Caleb is very strong and worked up to a 200 Front Squat. Caleb is still relatively new to our sport and once his technique catches up to his leg strength we could see a very dominate lifter for the US in the 69 kilo weight class. We will be attending the opening ceremonies tonight and depending on the start list will see our first lifter going either tomorrow or Saturday. More later.
– Coach Joe

2009 World Weightlifting Championships

I am at the Phoenix Airport getting ready to board a flight for San Francisco and eventually on to Korea. I have been selected as the Assistant Coach for the 2009 World Weightlifting Championships and will be assisting Men’s Coach Gayle Hatch and Women’s Coach Bob Morris. Henry Meyer will be our Team Leader. This is the premier competition for the sport of Weightlifting next to the Olympics. Mesa’s own Sarah Robles is on the team representing the 75+ kilogram weight class. I will try to write as often as I can on my obeservations of the event, coaching, international coaching, and of Korea. Keep checking in to see how it goes.
– Coach Joe