Performance One Weightlifters bring home some top Honors

Great job to the all the lifters whom competed at the USAW Senior Nationals over the weekend.

Fred Martinez 62 kilo class Snatch 87 kilos PR Clean & Jerk 93 kilos Total 180 Comp PR (7th place)

Keith Weitz 69 kilo class Snatch 100 kilos PR Clean & Jerk 120 kilos PR Total 220 PR (10th place)

Danielle Kerrigan 63 kilo class Snatch 58 Clean & Jerk 73 Total 131. First Nationals not bad.

Craig Rintoul 77 kilo class Snatch 110 Clean & Jerk 143 Total 253 (10th place)

Sarah Robles 75+ Snatch 111 (ties PR) Clean & Jerk 142 Total 253 (1st place & 3rd National Title in a row) Sarah was also awarded the best female lifter award for 2010.

Collin Ito 105+ kilo class Snatch 146 Clean & Jerk 206 (2nd place in the Clean & Jerk) Total 349 (4th place overall) Collin was also awarded the Marty Cyphar award for going 6 for 6 at the 2010 Pan American Championships.

Next up.  Collin will compete at the University World Games in Shenzhen, China in August.  Sarah will compete at the Pan American Games in October in Mexico and the World Championships in November in France.  Everyone else will be training hard for the American Open Championships in Mobile, Alabama in December.

Great job guys.  We should see an even bigger turn out of lifters from Performance One at the American Opens.