Weightlifting Clinic for Crossfitters

Great Weightlifting Clinic today with members of Tribal Crossfit led by Jason Parent. The Clinic was led by 2011 Women’s World Team Head Coach Joe Micela.  The Clinic is set up with a brief tutorial first on the Lifts.  Then everyone goes over Joe Micela’s Teaching Progressions for each Lift.   And finally all participants train up to a good working weight for 5 medium to heavy singles.  They rest about 5-10 minutes and then repeat with the Clean & Jerk.  After all that all clinicians were asked to work up to a heavy single in the Front Squat.  We had several Personal Records in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat.  Thanks to all the guys whom showed up and lifted.  With the proper technique and environmental motivation great lifts can be accomplished.  The next one is scheduled for January 21st.

Sarah Robles in LA for NBC Olympic Team Photo Shoot

Top Female Olympic Weightlifter in the US, Sarah Robles, was in Los Angeles Thursday Nov 17th- Saturday Nov 19th taking photos for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Sarah is the top male or female point scorer over the past 2 years at the World Championships.  She has hit Personal Records in the Snatch in each of her last 3 International Competitions.  Her current snatch record of 114 kilos is the second heaviest ever snatch in US Women’s Weightlifting History.  Congrats Sarah!  Next up the Olympic Test Event in London Dec 6-12th, 2011.

Countries Announced for the Lon

The Countries have been announced that will be representing the Women’s Division of the London Olympic Test Event here are the countries represented:
1. AZE = Azerbaijan
2. CHN = China
3. ESP = Spain
4. FIN = Finland
… 5. GBR = Great Britain
6. GER = Germany
7. HUN = Hungary
8. JPN = Japan
9. NGR = Nigeria
10. NOR = Norway
11. POL = Poland
12. ROU = Romania
13. THA = Thailand
14. USA
We are extremely Proud that Performance One Weightlifter Sarah Robles was the only US Athlete selected by the London Olympic Committee to represent the US at this event. The competition will take place Sunday December 11th, 2011 at the ExCel Center the cite of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Robles Finishes 11th at the World Championships

Sarah Robles Snatched 114 kilos Clean & Jerked 135 for 11th place at the World Championships. The Snatch is a 2 kilo Personal Record in Comp. Not her finest day Clean & Jerking but she and I know there is more in the tank. We are pretty sure the US Team solidified 2 women’s slots for the 2012 Olympics. Chioma Amichi Snatched 98 kilos and Clean & Jerked 140 for a much needed 238 Total. She needed to beat the Mexican and German and she pulled it off. Great job Ladies considering both of them had a bad meet at the Pan Am Games.

Schedule of US Lifters at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships in Paris, France

Sat 11/5 Darren Barnes C Session Weigh 6 am Lift 8 Am
Sun 11/6 Hillary Katzenmaier B Session Weight 10:30 am Lift 12:30 pm
Mon 11/7 Rizelyx Rivera & Amanda Sandoval B Session Weigh 2:30 Lift 4:30
Tue 11/8 Danica Rue B Session Weigh 7:30 pm Lift 9:30 pm
Thurs 11/10 Chad Vaughn B Session Weigh 9 am Lift 11 am
Zach Krych C Session Weigh 7:30 pm Lift 9:30 pm
Fri 11/11 Jared Fleming C Session 9:30 am Lift 11:30 am, Kendric Farris B Session Weigh 12 pm Lift 2 pm
Sat 11/12 Donny Shankle B Session Weigh 9:30 am Lift 11:30 am, Zach Schulender D Session Weigh 12 pm Lift 2 pm, Pat Mendes C Session Weigh 7:30 pm Lift 9:30 pm
Sun 12/13 Sarah Robles & Chioma Amichi B Session Weigh 7 am Lift 9 am

Youth American Record Set

56 kilo Lifter, Darren Barnes breaks the American Record in the Snatch at the World Weightlifting Championships in France with 103.  He Clean & Jerked 120 for a 223 Kilo Total he is 17 years old and from St. Louis.

First Two Days in Paris

My trip to Paris was an eventful one.  No sleep on the plan but that’s to be expected.  Arrived in Paris to have no one at the Airport to pick me up.  This to is expected.  After a couple of phone calls and a little yelling 3 hours later someone was there to pick me up.  They had informed me that they didn’t know I was coming.  Sure.  Anyway after another 4 hours in a small van circling the airport looking for other people to arrive I made it to Euro Disney.  I’m not that impressed.  It could be better.
Day 1
On the first day of training I saw Rizelyx Rivera, Hillary Katzenmiar, and Darren Barnes lift.  Not everyone is here yet and like in the past the athletes are coming in different waves to cut down on costs.   All looked extremely well.  Rizelyx snatched up to 85 kilos and then clean & jerked up to an easy 97 kg.  She then Back Squatted up to 145 for 2 sets of 1.  The squats looked like she could have squatted 165 kgs today.  Hillary snatched up to 76 kilos, then did some snatch pulls up to 90 kg and then clean & jerked up to 95 kilos.  She finished her workout off with some clean pulls up to around 110.   Barnes hit some Power Snatches up to 85 kilos.  Then on to some Power Cleans up to 100 kgs very easy for him.
Day 2
Thursday we trained a little earlier in the after noon so that the Coaching Staff could attend to the Verification of Final Entries Meeting.  Darren snatched up to an easy 95 kilos and then clean & jerked up to an impressive 120 kgs.  He looks ready for some big weights.  He competes on Nov 5th.  Hillary started off with some Power Snatches and then eased into full snatches as the weights got heavier.  She powered up to 63 kg and then full snatched up to 77.  She then did the same with her Clean & Jerks.  She began by Power Clean & Jerking working up to 85 kilos then did one more set at 90 kilos but as a full Clean & Jerk.  Afterward she Front Squatted up to around 110-115 kgs.  Rizelyx did some Power Snatch + Overhead Squats up to around 65 kilos (very light).  She then moved onto Power Clean + Push Presses up to around 77 kgs (again easy).  She did some Front Squats up to 110 kilos.  Thursday we saw the arrival of Amanda Sandoval.  Amanda was a little jet lagged but looked good as she Power Snatched up to 60 kilos for a couple of doubles.  The Power Clean & Jerked up to around 83 kilos she to Front Squatted up to 105-110 for a couple of sets.
All in all everyone in this group is healthy, in good spirits, and motivated to lift well in the next couple of days.  The are all seasoned lifters even Darren Barnes whom has been on several Junior World & Youth World Teams.  Additional up dates tomorrow when we find out exactly what session everyone is lifting in.