2012 Grand Canyon State Winter Games Weightlifting & Push Pull Competition

Here is the entry form for the 2012 Grand Canyon State Winter Games Weightlifting & Push Pull Competition.  The event is Saturday January 28th, 2012 at Performance One Advanced Sports Training, Inc.  This event is open to everyone young and old.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to help Team Arizona Weightlifters Travel expenses to the National Championships/Olympic Trials.  For more information call 480-813-5477

2012 Grand Canyon State Winter Games Weightlifting Competition

Football Power!

College Football Player Victor C. hit a strong Clean & Jerk Personal Record this morning with 135 kilos (297 lbs) and then followed it up with 6 sets of 2 reps in the Back Squat with 160 kilos done in less then 4.5 seconds per set. Not bad. Keep it up Big Vic. Strength + Speed = Athletic Power

Allen & Hubber tear it up at the Blackford Duals

Performance One Wrestler Christiaan Allen of Highland HS went undefeated at the Blackford Duals. He pinned or had a major decision every opponent. Grant Hubber of Mountain View HS went 6-1 and beat a 2 time State Champion in the process. Not bad gentlemen. Both of them were in the gym the next day working on Strength & Power. Athletes with goals and determination to achieve those goals = Champions!

Wrestlers Dominate in ASU Blackford Duals

Performance One Wrestler’s Christiaan Allen of Highland HS & Grant Hubber of Mt. View HS are wrestling in the Blackford Duals at ASU today. Highland went 2 and 1 on the first day Wednesday December 28th.  Thursday December 29th they will enter the winners bracket and see what happens.  Go support the guys and the event. The competition is in honor of fallen ASU Wrestler Steven Blackford. Steve lost his life in a car crash several years ago. Steve was my teammate in College. He had a great passion for wrestling and even a greater passion for life. I am honored to having known Steve even if it was for such a short time. Go Devils!

Christmas Week Facility Hours

Facility Training Hours

Effective 12/19/11 – 1/13/12

Mon AM Session 7 am 1 pm,  PM Session 3 pm – 7:30 pm

Tue AM Session 7-11 am, PM Session 3-7:30 pm

Wed AM Session 7 am 1 pm,  PM Session 3 pm – 7:30 pm

Thu AM Session 7-11 am, PM Session 2-5 pm

Fri AM Session 7 am 1 pm,  PM Session 3 pm – 7:30 pm

Sat AM Session 7 am – 12 pm, PM Session 1-4 pm

Sun Always Closed Go spend time with your Family and God!

Christmass Time Committment

In this time period when most people want to take it easy the committed athlete will make sacrifices to reach their goals. Because in the end the journey to greatness will be tough and arduous. Those whom strive for life long dreams of the Olympics will push themselves when others won’t. As a Coach I have sacrificed time with my family, connections with friends, and spent an enormous amount of money to see my athletes reach their goals. Because in the end their goals then become my goals. No regrets. What I had I gave, what I kept I lost forever!

Football Player and Power Lifter hit Gym Records

Fullback Vic C. Hit an easy 365 lb Bench Press on Tuesday for a PR and then Hit another PR on the Incline on Thursday with 325 lbs. Not bad on his way to 405 Bench by the summer. Power lifter Doran J. hit an easy Dead Lift with 405 lbs. The heaviest Dead Lift he has hit in 15 years. His goal is a 1100 pound Push Pull Total by May. We will help him get there. We train every time of Strength Athlete.

A variety of Athletes hit Personal Records in Training

We had Personal Records set by Football, Softball, Basketball, and Wrestlers this week.

Vic C. Front Squatted 175 kilos (Football) Off season

Tess M. C+J 55 kilos and Clean Pulled 80 for 3 (Softball) Preseason

Brendon H. Back Squatted 140 (Wrestling) In season

Joel R. C+J 40 kilos (Wrestling) In season

Hunter M. Snatch 50 kilos (Basketball) In season

Records can be set anytime of the year. Off season, pre season, and even in season no excuses to improve.

Weightlifters Training for National Championships

In this phase of training for the Nationals most of our athletes are working on muscular endurance. We push the volume and train at a higher intensity level then we did this time out going into the American Open Championships. You must constantly strive to push the envelope on what you have done before. The next phase of training going into the Nationals will see most of our athletes pushing for lower volume and even higher intensities of training. The order and combinations of exercises and manipulation of intensity is the true secret to training weightlifters. I should say drug free athletes.

Multiple Schools represented at Performance One

Yesterday we had 12 different Schools represented in our Athletic Strength & Conditioning Training Sessions throughout the day. That may be a record for us. We our truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many talented young athletes. Building the future of athletics in Arizona one big lift at a time.