Weightlifting Class at MCC

Mesa Community College Exercise Science Department

Learn Olympic Weightlifting, get College Credit, and get Certified by USAW all in one. This is the only Full Semester 2 College Credit Class in the US. Learn from Olympic & World Coach Joe Micela the Fundamentals in Olympic Weightlifting. Sign up today. Class size is limited to 15 students

Course: PED 133

Institution: Mesa Community College

Olympic Style Weight Lifting

Session: Fall 2012

Class Number: 31222

Dynamic Dated

Class Section: 0001

Lecture & Lab

Day: Mon Wed Fri

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM

Room: Health Improvement Center

Instructor: USAW Senior International Coach Joe Micela

Sarah Robles on BuzzFeed

Strongest Woman in America

Here is a link to a story done by Buzzfeed check it out.

Clean Tip of the day

When performing the Clean the barbell must travel to an area between the Navel & upper Abdominal in order to give the athlete the best opportunity to be successful with the lift.

Proper Back Squat Position

When performing a Back Squat the Athlete should rest the barbell on top of the Shoulder Blades not below. The Rhomboids should be pulled back and together. The elbows should be down and slightly angled back. Your hands should firmly grasp the bar with a rigid wrist. The upper and lower back should be “Set” before the lift is even initiated. Your Torso should always remain as upright as possible and never, never collapse. Balance should be maintained over the arch of the foot, not excessively on the heels. Always remember Balance. If you do these things you will perform the lift correctly.

Friday Morning Training at Performance One

One of softball girls hit a PR in the Snatch today and is learning to use the Snatch to become more explosive in other areas of her sport performance.  Taylor Beck is improving everyday.  She is preparing this fall for playing in the SEC.  Keep it up girl.

In only his second Snatch Workout, Football Player Rob Encinas, was moving 60 kilos from Above the Knee very very smoothly.  As his legs get stronger and he builds more endurance he will be blowing fools up on the line.  Get after it Big Rob.

Two of our High School Basketball Players, Hunter McCown & Zack Jolley, both hit Personal Records in the Clean & Jerk.  Hunter with 75 kilos and Zack with 50 kilos.  Not bad guys.  Both young men’s power and athleticism have improved dramatically since they began training with us.

High School Wrestler Jack Darvauex attacked his work out as he usually does each and every time.  Jack just finished up attending the Jay Robinson Intensive Training Camp in Iowa.  Jack said he was physically prepared to handle the torture that the University of Minnesota Coaching Staff put him through because of his training at Performance One.  Great stuff Jack!

2nd Week of Basketball Strength & Conditioning

2nd Week of Basketball Strength & Conditioning our goal is to shock their minds and bodies into understanding good Technique, establish a base of Volume, and to teach the players how to train under my System.  The Team is understanding how to train and not accept mediocrity.

2nd Week of Summer Speed & Conditioning for Football

Today’s Goal was to maintain Speed while turning their bodies 180 degrees. Balance while in motion must be trained. Some are naturally better at it, but it is skill that can be trained. In Games you will have to twist, turn, and jump from all different angles and at high speeds. We train to maintain balance and control while running as we can. That was the goal to day with our Football Players.

Box Jumps Build Power & Strength

Box Jumps build Power & Strength.  We use the in three capacities.  Static Jumps, Dynamic Jumps, and Reactive Jumps.

Static Jumps are started from a Paused or motionless position.  They help develop Position Specific Strength and Starting Power.

Dynamic Jumps are initiated from motion.  Also known as Counter Movement Jumps.  The athlete will start by dipping their legs to load up the Kinetic Energy in the thighs before Extending the Hip, Knee, & Ankle.  Higher Jumps can be accomplished from a Dynamic Start.

Reactive Jumps or Depth Jumps are started by having the athlete stand on a Box and drop down to the floor and then jump back to the same box, jump up in the air, or out horizontally.  These jumps are very advanced and require considerable amount of training before they should be tried on an extensive level.

One step closer to History

120 kilo Snatch Attempt

This is how close 2012 Olympic Team Member Sarah Robles came to new Personal Record in the Snatch during one of her evening Training Sessions.  She had 120 kilos over head and just left it a bit out front.  She came very close and will get that weight very soon.  It is a goal of ours to hit this weight plus more in the Olympics come August.