Position for the Jerk is Critical

When performing the Jerk the bar should rest across the top of the shoulders.  Ideally the hands should be closed on the bar and not open.  The Elbow Angle should be at what we call a “5 by 45 degree angle”.  This will ensure that when the athlete goes into the Dip portion of the Jerk the bar remains balanced on the shoulder.  As the bar and the athlete comes out of the dip the Elbows should stay at the angle.  When the Elbows are down at a 45 degree angle, this will allow the optimal amount of surface contact with the shoulders and the bar. This also provides the athlete with the best position to drive the barbell overhead in as straight as line as possible.

The importance of Back Squatting

I have traveled the world in search of learning how to develop the strongest most powerful athletes in the world.  The one common exercise that all Strength & Power Athletes perform is the Back Squat.  How often they squat and which sets & reps scheme they use can vary, but everyone squats.  It is one of the single greatest exercises to develop the necessary leg strength that all sports need.  They are mentally challenging and require great postural strength and discipline to accomplish.  In our program we use a combination of Back Squats and Front Squats with our Sport Athletes.  Our Weightlifters can squat a minimum of three times a week up to nine times.  When volume and intensity are varied squats can be performed everyday.

Texas Tech Freshman Breaks Records

Performance One Softball Player and Texas Tech Freshman Tess McPherson just sent Coach Micela a text message stating she Back Squatted 225 lbs, Cleaned 155 lbs, Power Cleaned 135 lbs, and Front Squatted 165 lbs in her final testing of the Fall Semester. Not bad for a Pitcher. We can’t wait to see her over the Christmas Break. Softball Strength & Power. Come Get Some!

Congrats to Missy Faubus for hitting a new Personal Record

Missy Faubus was a Collegiate Thrower at Colorado State University.  Since her competitive throwing days Missy has coached at Grand Canyon University and earned her Masters Degree in Special Education.  She now has directed her focus on competing in Olympic Weightlifting.  Under the guidance of Coach Joe Micela Missy has managed to hit a Personal Record in the Clean & Jerk with 105 kilos (231 lbs) last night in the gym.  This is 7 kilos above her all time best Clean of 98 kilos that she did back in her college days and that was without the Jerk.  Missy has shown steady improvement since her full time dedication into the Sport of Weightlifting.  She will be competing on Dec 2nd in Palm Springs, CA in her first national weightlifting competition the American Open Weightlifting Championships.  Missy along with Teammates Stefanie McDaniel and Sarah Robles will go after some medals in CA.  Good luck ladies!

CrossFitters come to Coach Joe to learn technique

CrossFitters from around the Valley come to Coach Joe Micela to learn how to properly execute the Olympic Lifts.  Coach Micela breaks down the Olympic Lifts (the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk) into a series of Progressions.  This building block approach addresses one of the main concepts Coach Micela is trying to get across, Strength to Hold Position and Strength to Move from one Position to another.  The idea of strengthening an athlete’s positions and then develop the coordination of movement is not revolutionary but it has Coach Micela approaches it that is.  CrossFitters have made great strides in improving upon their existing technique and all have made new Personal Records in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Back Squat, & Front Squat.

Box Jumps increase Power & Vertical Jumping Ability

Box Jumps

Static Jump-Begin the movement in a static starting position in a squat. Hold for a specified count (1-5 seconds) then drive up.  The starting position can be variable based off goals.

Quarter Squat Start-Hip and Vertical Drive, Ideal for Vertical Jump Testing and Jerk Transfer

Parallel Squat Start-Hip, Quad Drive, Back and Position Strength Great for Quad Dominant Sports and as a form of conditioning

Full Squat Start-Hip, Quad, Hamstring Development.  Great for total Lower Body Strength and Timing.  Conditioning the entire lower body to move quickly

Quarter Squat Start from Box-The big mistake people make when performing this movement is that they sit back and then rock forward to jump.  NO! Sit on the edge of the box with your weight over the balls of your feet the drive up.  Minimize all horizontal movement.

Parallel Squat Start from Box-Same as above just from a lower box.

Full Squat Start from Box-Same as above.

Dynamic Start-Start in a standing position then drop down into one of the desired motions then quickly change direction back up vertically.

Quarter Squat Depth-Dip only to a quarter depth before jumping in the air.  The goal is to reach bottom as fast as possible with good upper body position before driving up.

Parallel Squat Depth-Dip to parallel position and immediately drive up.  Do not pause or drop your chest on the decent.

Full Squat Depth-Drop into a full squat position and return out immediately never wasting anytime.  All effort is in the quick change of direction.

Depth Jump Start-Step or jump off a box down to the floor then immediately jump back up onto another box of equal or higher height.  The height of the starting box can vary to increase the difficulty and intensity of the movement.

Female Weightlifters lift Big Weights in Tucson

Coach Joe Micela here with two of his top up and coming female athletes.  Stefanie McDaniel and Melissa Faubus both competed in the Honey Badger Open in Tucson on Oct 27th, 2012.  Both girls won first place in their respective weight classes.  Stefanie hit a Personal Record in the Snatch with 68 kilo.  Tied her Clean & Jerk Best with 85 kilos and made a new Personal Record in the Clean with 90 kilos.  She finished with a PR Total of 153 kilos.  Missy also hit a Personal Record Snatch with 85 kilos.  Hit a Personal Record in the Clean with 103 and finished with a New Personal Record Total with 180 kilos.  Both girls are training for the American Open Weightlifting Championships in Palm Springs, CA the first weekend in December.

Grand Canyon State Games merge with Phoenix Regional Sports Commission

The Grand Canyon State Games has announced that they will be merging with the Phoenix Regional Sports Commission.  Performance One Advanced Sports Training has had a long history working with the Grand Canyon State Games.  We are excited and looking forward to continue are relationship with the GCSG and now with the Phoenix Regional Sports Commission.

2012 Olympic Weightlifting Team

2012 Olympic Team

Head Women’s Coach Joe Micela

Head Men’s Coach Kyle Pierce

National Resident Coach Zygmunt Smalcerz

Personal Coach Mark Cannella

High Performance Director for USAW Peter Roselli

Top Female Sarah Robles 7th Place Finish at the 2012 Olympics

Holley Mangold 10th Place Finish

Top Male Kendric Farris 10th Place Finish

Does the Fire Burn in you?

Is there a fire burning in you the size of the Olympic Caldron?  Be determined and Goal oriented when it comes to your Sports Performance Goals.  Never stop learning and push yourself and the others around you to get better.  This will put you in a place to succeed.  At Performance One we strive to have all our athletes set the same high standards and expectations for excellence.