Performance One says good goodbye to a Friend

Sean Stapley was a friend, great dad, and loving husband.  I first met Sean several years ago at a dinner at my brother Luigi’s house.  There I was also introduced to his wife Lori.  Through our conversation I learned about his love of sports and about his son Conner.  Sean wanted Conner to get some Strength & Conditioning Training for Football.  He was a big kid with a lot of athletic potential.  I agreed and began working with Conner and a great relationship with the Stapley Family began.

I am truly grateful for knowing Sean and his family.  He is one of the more genuine people that I have encountered  since moving to Arizona back in the 90’s.  I pray for him and his family and all those that knew him.

We lost a great guy.

Joe Micela

Special Olympics Powerlifting kicks off February 16th

Saturday February 16th, 2013 kicks off the new Special Olympics Powerlifting Season.  Coach Joe Micela will be leading the Tempe Special Olympics Program again this year.  Top returner Matthew Herbert will be leading the team as he goes for his Second State Championship Title.  Matthew is coming off an off season where he set a State Record in the Dead Lift in the 100% Raw Push Pull Division.  Training will take place on Saturdays from 1-2:30 pm at the Performance One Advanced Sports Training Facility in Mesa, Arizona.  If you know anyone who is interested in competing or volunteering let Coach Micela know.

Congrats to Basha Wreslter Trey Ronayne

Basha High School Wrestler Trey Ronayne for going 6-0 at the Blackford Duals at Arizona State University.  Trey continues to prove that he is the most dominant wrestler in the state at 170 lbs.  Keep up the hard work Trey.

Programing for the New Cycle

2013 is upon us with a new year brings time to evaluate the past year and plan for the next year.  Analyzing if your plan reached it’s desire goal and if not why.  Many times with an experienced athlete & coach team, everything may have worked perfectly, but now they are adjusting the program to handle heavier loads in the next year.

For many of my experienced athletes this is the key.  Building on previous work loads to handle more tonnage.  But not only lifting more weight but lifting more efficiently.  All successful programs show that an elite athlete continued to lift heavier weights the more experienced they got.  Where I am primarily concerned is the efficiency at these top weights.  If two athletes both completed 20,000 tons of successful lifts, but Athlete A attempted 40,000 tons and only made 20,000 and Athlete B attempted 25,000 tons and made 20,000 tons.  Not only who was more successful but which will be a predictor of future success?  Future overuse/injury?  This is another reason to analyze the data and adjust the program accordingly.

Greco Wrestlers need to be Strong!

Great to have one of our USOEC Greco Roman Wrestler’s in town training with us today. Michael Mioni is an up and coming Greco Roman Wrestler in the USA Wrestling System and has his sights set on the 2016 Olympics. Performance One will writing all of Mike’s Strength Training Programs. Greco Wrestlers need to have a large base of Strength Training. A strong Greco Wrestler is a successful Greco Wrestler.

CrossFitter Katie Jo Peterson making progress in the Back Squat

Great job to Katie Jo Peterson for hitting a PR in the Back Squat on Thursday. Katie nailed a strong 113 kilos and just came up a little high with 115 kilos. This was after a long session of Snatch Work first. She is steadily making progress and learning how to become a better athlete. Keep it up Katie.

We train anyone who wants to learn great technique and make phenomenal progress.  From CrossFitters to Powerlifters and everyone in between.

Small Groups over Large Groups for Strength & Conditioning

Had a full group this morning getting after it.  Many College Athletes home for the Holidays.  Still surprised at some of the College Strength & Conditioning Coaches in their justification for why they program they way they do.  Many coaches don’t know how to accurately digest and use all the information out there in our field.  You can’t do every exercise or every program all at once.  There is a time and a place for everything.  When did we forget to evaluate the current level of the athlete and build the program around him/her.

I understand with large teams this can be a challenge.  But that’s why we don’t won’t 85 guys all training at the same time.  I will continue to push for smaller groups of 15-20 athletes max at a time training.  Just because 85 guys can train in a room all at the same time doesn’t make it the best method for both athlete and coach.

Do you want to be an athlete that goes through a cookie cutter program/one size fits all because the coaching staff can’t handle the large number of athletes and is just trying to get everyone through the program without getting hurt.  Or do you want to be the Elite Athlete who gets more individual attention and a customized program.  Basic Infantry or Elite Special Forces?  both are trained but which one do you want to be?  Which one do you want to count on when you need to be the very best in the most stressful of situations?  I know which one I would pick.

Football Winter Speed & Conditioning

First day out on the field for our Football Winter Speed & Conditioning and only one guy threw up.   Not bad.

To enhance your running speed you first must develop balance, rhythm, and technique. Our Lineman and Fullbacks will have the fastest first three steps on their perspective teams.

Let’s do some work gentlemen.

Christmas Break Training

Christmas Break Training is here at Performance One Advanced Sports Training.  Whether you are on College Break or High School Break we can keep you in check with all your training commitments.  Many of our College athletes will return to us this Winter Break to maintain what they have work so hard to achieve over the Fall Semester.  They will also look to ramp it up for the Spring Term.  The upcoming semester brings on the opportunity to push yourself into Game Ready Shape for the Season.  Nothing impresses a Coach more then knowing his/her athlete came back from Winter Break in better shape then when they left.  It shows them that that athlete is committed to winning and can be trusted.  We instill discipline and accountability with all of our athletes.  Take advantage of every opportunity to prove to the world that you can improve and get better.

Peformance One Wrestler Trey Ronayne Places 1st at McClintock Tournament

Basha High School Wrestler Trey Ronayne won the McClintock High School Wrestling Tournament.  Trey has been training with us since his Freshman Year in High School.  In his Sophomore Year, Trey suffered a dislocated Elbow in the Regional Qualifier for the State Championships.  After a long recovery, Trey is back stronger than before the injury.  We want to wish Trey continued success as he strives to win a State Title.