Friday Night was a good day for our Weightlifters Training

Our Junior Lifters are coming around and adapting to Double Workouts this week. It takes time but they already are seeing the benefits. Friday Morning Cody King Front Squatted up to 150 for 3×3 then worked up to 3×1 in the Snatch with 120 kilos. This weight is become very routine and automatic at that is what I want. In the Afternoon he worked up to 3×1 in the Clean & Jerk with 140. We are still working some kinks out in the Jerk. Cody finished with a 240 kilo Back Squat and a PR attempt at 250 which he just came up a little short at.

Cody’s training partner Jake Mapes Worked up to 140 kilos for 3×3 in the Front Squat in the morning Session and just Power Snatched up to 70 kilos for a couple of doubles. Jake was feeling a little stiff so we didn’t push it. In the evening he loosened up and he worked up to 140 kilos in the Clean & Jerk for 4×1. Jake finished off the night with a 210 kilo Back Squat.

Senior 62 kilo Lifter Dillon Casillas is also on a Two a day Workout Schedule and is responding nicely. Dillon worked up to 3×3 with 115 kilos in the Front Squat. Snatched from Below the Knee 70 kilos for 3×2, then Snatched from the Floor up to 80 kilos for 4×1. He finished the morning session off with Snatch High Pulls up to 70 for 4×4. In the Afternoon, he Clean & Jerked up to 105 for 4×1 then Back Squatted up to 145 kilos for 2×1.

American Open Bronze Medalists Samantha Leigh also had a productive day on Friday. Sam started the day off Front Squatting 75 kilos for 4×4. Then Snatch Grip Dead Lifting up to 70 kilos for 4×5. She finished the morning session up with Snatch Press Down into Bottom + Press from Bottom. This is a position drill we do from time to time. She worked up to 25 kilos for 4×4. In the afternoon session Sam Cleaned up to 75 kilos for 4×2. She finished the last set with a double at 77 kilos. She Jerked from the Block also up to medium doubles with 75 kilos for 4×2. She finished off a very productive night with 5×5 Back Squats with 85 kilos. Sam is determined for bigger numbers and more medals in 2014. It all starts now.

Recap from the American Open Weightlifting Championships

This year’s meet was in Dallas, Texas.  Dallas is a great city with very nice people, and that is coming from a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  The weather for this meet was very nasty.  Dallas doesn’t get much snow and ice, but this particular weekend they received quite a bit.  The problem was not the amount of snow but the lack of resources to deal with it.  Shame on Dallas for that it cause many problems within the city and at the airport.  An ounce of prevention would have been much-suited here boys.

This meet was the largest in more recent years and despite the great efforts of the local organizers was not held up to the high standards that a National Event should be held to.  With numbers this large it places a great amount of stress on the organizers, volunteers, referees, coaches, and athletes.  Many sessions did not have the proper officials sitting in the referee chairs or jury tables.  In many cases coaches had athletes on two platforms, one on one side of the room and the other on the other side of the room.

Instead of trying to cater to lower standard and more people at our National Events we should encourage more Regional Events so that the best of the best are competing at these higher levels of competition.

On to our athletes

Friday night we saw all three of our men lifting at the same time.  In the 85-kilo B Session we had Craig Rintoul and James Ellis and in the 69-kilo B Session we had Keith Weitz.  All three lifted side by side on platforms 1 and 2.  This posed a logistical nightmare as a coach.  I am very thankful to have had the help of Eric Bramwell, Kyle Sprouse, and Roger Nielsen during this session.  Keith came into this meet having recently come off an injury and was not at 100%.  We still made the attempt to go and compete.  He Snatched 90, 94, and missed 98 kilos.  In the Clean & Jerk he made 110, 114, and got called for a slight press out with 118 kilos.  Keith will train hard to get back in shape and be ready for the Nationals in July.  Craig Rintoul has been with me for over six years and has finally filled out into the 85-kilo weight class.  He has had very good training leading into this competition and we were excited to see him perform. Craig snatched 115, 120 (tying his PR), and missed 125 kilos.  In the Clean & Jerk, Craig made 145, and missed 150 twice in the Jerk.  Craig was just 5 kilos off his PR Total of 270 kilos.  With some more training and staying on this current path of success I see Craig lifting lifetime bests by the National Championships.  James Ellis has been having very good training as well up until he pulled his groin two and half weeks prior to the competition.  James was the only athlete on the team I had no idea how he was going to compete because his groin issue was very unpredictable.  James is a competition lifter and looked very good in his entire warm up snatches.  He missed 120 on his opener by just over pulling on the bar.  He regrouped and made 120 on his second attempt.  On his third attempt we went for 125 and he like on his opener just over pulled it.  In the Clean & Jerks, we were worried more about the groin.  Again all warm ups looked well.  Deep down inside I knew his groin could only take so many lifts.  He opened with 155 and just missed the Jerk out front.  He came back to make it on his second attempt and then we took a shot at 160.  It wasn’t meant to be.  The groin couldn’t handle the weight.  If we didn’t have this set back James was on pace to do 130 & 170.  James will heal up and come back very strong for the Nationals.


On the Girls side we had a stellar performance from all three of our ladies.  Like in the 85’s we had two athletes in the 53-kilo class.  Sixteen year old, Kaija Bramwell and New Jersey transplant Samantha Wright.  Several years ago I trained Kaija’s father Eric.  Kaija is a very mature and determined sixteen-year girl with tremendous lifting ability.  Kaija went six for six and took home the Rick Schutzs award.   Kaija snatched 53, 56, 58 kilos (58 was a PR).  In the Clean & Jerk she made 73, 76, 79 kilos (79 was a PR) and a PR Total of 137 kilos.  Kaija will be competing at the Junior Nationals in January and she will be looking for some medals.  She is on pace to break the Youth American Records.  Sam had a very good day in the Snatch.  Sam made 64, 67, & 70 kilos (70 was a PR).  Her 70-kilo snatch won her the Gold Medal beating the second place girl on bodyweight.  In the Clean & Jerk, Sam had a little bit of a challenge.  She missed 78 kilos on her opener, made it on her second attempt, only to miss 81 on her third attempt.  Sam finished in 3rd place overall.  Great Job Sam!  Sam will fix her mistakes in the Clean & Jerk and will come back to be very determined at the Nationals this summer.  Our last lifter of the competition was Missy Faubus.  Missy competes in the 75+-kilo weight class.  She made all three of her snatches 85, 90, & 92 kilos (90 & 92 are National Comp PRs).  The 92 kilos Snatch was good enough for a Silver Medal and only 3 kilos off of Gold.  In the Clean & Jerk Missy had a little bit of a struggle with her opener of 105 kilos.  She came back to make a solid lift with it on her Second Attempt.  109 kilos was the weight we called for on her Third Attempt but the Jerk was not there on that day.  Missy placed 4th overall just missing 3rd place by 1 kilo.  Missy had a great performance and we are very proud of her.

All in the entire meet had many highs and lows but I am very proud how all of our athletes fought hard on every lift.  Everyone knows what they need to work on and we will make the appropriate plans to get everyone ready for the next National Competition.

Coach Joe Micela

Official Statement in Regards to Sarah Robles

I would like to make an official statement based off the news that has come out regarding my top weightlifter, Sarah Robles.  I was informed while out-of-town that Sarah had failed her WADA drug test from the Pan American Championships.  My first reaction was that of both shock and disbelief.  My second thought was “Did she take a pre-workout stimulant that was banned and she did not know it.” When I found out that it was for DHEA, I again was like “What? This doesn’t make sense. That’s impossible. Sarah knows better than to take that…its a well-known banned substance!” When it was confirmed it was DHEA, I grew very angry.  Never have I ever encouraged, promoted, nor given any banned substances to any of my weightlifters.  I have never taken any banned substances as an athlete and will not allow my athletes to take them.  Sarah completely acted on her own.  I was never aware of her decision to take this substance.  I am personally hurt and embarrassed over this entire situation.  I have always prided myself on my coaching ethics and integrity.  Sarah acted alone.

The only conversations that I ever had with Sarah regarding DHEA was back about a year ago when she was getting blood work done by a local doctor regarding some irregularities with her hormones.  It was at that time that the doctor noticed that her naturally occurring levels of DHEA were very low.  Then the doctor recommended a small dose of DHEA to bring her levels up to normal.  It was suggested that it would help her with many of her symptoms she was facing for having low levels of DHEA along with her other hormone abnormalities.  It was at this time when Sarah presented the blood results to me and the recommendations of her doctor.  I informed her I was not in a position to comment on this and that she should fill out a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) form with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) to be sure before she went any further.  She like many other people, had a legitimate medical reason for taking this product, but as an elite athlete she needed to follow the proper channels, as I told her.  Later on, Sarah had informed me that her TUE form had been denied.  I informed her again not to take anything and have her medical doctor submit further information. During this whole process, I informed Sarah NOT to take anything without specific approval from WADA.  I was not kept in the loop whether or not the second TUE was submitted.  All of my conversations with Sarah up to that point were that she would not take it.

Fast forward to the information given to me that she had failed her drug test for DHEA.  When I asked Sarah why she took it after I told her not to, she couldn’t give me a straight answer.  When asked why she didn’t inform me, she couldn’t tell me.  She had told me she took the product during the period right around the Pan Am Championships.

I have coached Sarah since 2008.  I feel that I am closer to her than any of my other athletes because of all the things we have gone through in this sport.  I am deeply hurt that she did this.  Again I never told Sarah that it was ok to take this supplement.  Sarah is not a bad person, she is just young, immature, and made a stupid decision.  She made an extremely bad choice and deserves to suffer any repercussions she may face from the IWF and USAW.  She like anyone in life has to realize that there are consequences for your actions.

Do I feel that this supplement drastically changed Sarah’s lifting? 100 percent No.  Sarah’s accomplishments at the Pan Am’s and subsequent Nationals were the product of my program and hard work.  Sarah was capable of these numbers for more than a year.  You can trace Sarah’s numbers back and realistically see that her numbers have never drastically spiked, they have gradually improved through hard training within my program. Sarah has been in the drug testing program since 2008 and has been drug tested at least 12 times a year. She never failed a drug test up until this occurrence.  This is not a deliberate act to try to beat the system, but Sarah failed to follow the rules and regulations.

This should not be a poor reflection on my current athletes or on me as a coach.  I accomplished a lot in this sport before this event and will continue to develop and produce great weightlifters in the future.  I am a man of honor and integrity. All of my athletes can attest to this.  Because of my values and love of this sport, I chose to suspend Sarah because of this unfortunate event.  Sarah has been suspended indefinitely from my program.

Performance One Football Players playing in the Post Season

We would like to congratulate several of our college Football Players who are all playing in the Post Season.

Tyler Bode is the starting Left Tackle for the Scottsdale Community College Football Team and they beat Mesa Community College in the WSFL Championship Game.  They will play Dec 7th in the Valley of the Sun Bowl.  Tyler has committed to Western Illinois University for Football.

Victor Carasco plays Special Teams for Northern Arizona University.  NAU finished the regular Season 9-2.  They played South Dakota in the First Round of the FCS Championships and unfortunately lost.  Victor had a great year and was an impact player on Special Teams.

Sam Laentz is a starting WR/RB for the Sioux Falls University Football Team.  The Cougars finished 6-5 this year.

Brandon Matthews plays for Arizona State University. ASU is playing this weekend Dec. 7th for the PAC 12 Championship game.

We wish all the athletes much success on their post season run. We look forward to seeing them in the off season.

Ask Coach Joe (Week 1)

On our facebook.com/performanceone fan page, our fans are able to “Ask Coach Joe” questions in regards to Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, Crossfit, and General Training. In this video you get to see Coach Joe answering those great questions! Check our Facebook page weekly to ask and post your questions and Coach Joe might just answer your question!


Friday Update

Friday was a great day for training for our Weightlifters. Let me start with Travis Hyde. Travis hit a very easy Snatch this week of 100 kilos. This is below Travis’s best but since he has come back it is a PR. He will be back to his old numbers very soon and I see him surpassing those numbers. Travis also hit a 125 kilo Clean this week that looked very easy. Travis is a full-time Firefighter and many times comes in to train immediately right after a shift.

Next up is Kaija Bramwell. Kaija is one of the top Youth Lifters in the Country and his really improving on her Snatch. Friday after noon she hit a 55 kilo Snatch witch has become very routine for this 53 kilo lifter. Snatching bodyweight is not as easy as it sounds let alone for a 16 year old female. She has made huge strides in her leg strength this week with PRs in the Back Squat with 102 and Front Squat with 90 kilos. Kaija will be competing at the American Open and Junior Nationals in the weeks to come.

Junior Lifter Cody King is starting to get the technical aspects of the Snatch and finally Snatched 120 kilos. Cody is very powerful and has already Power Snatched 120 but now he is starting to understand the catch portion of the lifts. Cody will be a force at the Junior Nationals in February.

Missy Faubus continues to impress by hitting 89 kilos in the Snatch and 105 ini the Clean & Jerk. Missy is striving for a 200 kilo total by the Open and She is on pace to hit those numbers. Missy brings an intensity to training that I wish more athletes possessed.

Samantha Leigh despite being sick most of the week with a sinus infection continued to stay relatively close to her target weights for the week. Sam hit 67 in the Snatch and 80 kilos in the Clean & Jerk 2 out of 3 workouts this week. Her body is adapting to Coach Micela’s Training Program and with a little more time will be hitting some of the top lifts in the Nation at the 53 kilo Weight Class.

The American Open is two weeks out and the Juniors is 11 weeks out. Our athletes are some of the top in Arizona and we work our ass off to maintaing this high standard of lifting. Keep it up and don’t be satisfied.

National Letter of Intent Signing Day

In honor of National Letter of Intent Signing Day Coach Micela would like to offer a Free Week of Training to all those athletes whom have signed with their perspective schools.  This is a great moment in a young athletes life as they move toward the next level of athletic competition.

Don’t show up unprepared for the demands of College Athletics.  The difference between starting and sitting the bench can be very close.  Developing Strength and Explosive Power will put you ahead of the competition.  Being Stronger, Faster, and More Athletic will enable you to develop your skill set at a higher rate.

Many of our high schools athletes have gone on to become impact starters their Freshman years.

Performance One will offer a 30% Off Discount on all Training Packages for Athletes who sign up.  Call the office for more information and get started today!


Coach Joe

Performance One Weightlifting Open November 16th, 2013

We had a great weightlifting meet here at Performance One. A lot of new faces and well as veteran lifters. Here are some photos that were taken throughout the day!

Junior Lifter Front Squats 190 kilos

Junior Lifter Cody King.  Front Squatted 190 kilos (419 lb.) today at the end of his workout.  Cody is very new to Olympic Weightlifting but has shown a tremendous ability for the sport.  With natural strength and power, Cody just needs to work at learning and improving upon his Lifting Technique.

Performance One Weightlifting Open Results

Here are the results from the Performance One Weightlifting Open on Nov 2nd, 2013 at the Performance One Facility


Performance One Open Results