Strength & Power Training for Wrestling Produces This

Hayden Moore of Queen Creek High School showing off all the Strength & Power Training that he has put in at our Facility over the years.  Hayden comes from a wrestling family where is older brother Wesley won the State Title back in 2011.  Wes also trained at Performance One leading into his State Championship Win.  Hayden is following in his older brothers foot steps by developing the necessary strength & power need to excel at the elite high school level and beyond.

Wrestlers need to get away from the notion of just Aerobic Training. Wrestling is a sport of Strength, Power, and Muscular Endurance not just pure Aerobic Conditioning.  Stamina will be developed from Strength & Power Intervals.

Hayden Moore Throw 2013

Teaching Proper Back Squatting Technique

Teaching Proper Back Squatting Technique to my College Students last night. First Rule, we High Bar Back Squat Period. Low Bar Back Squat only has a place in Competitive Power Lifting. In order to be Strong and Athletic you need to High Bar Neutral Stance Back Squat. Squat with control and through a full range of motion. Squatting below parallel will not hurt your knees that is a myth people who can’t squat properly want you to believe. If you only have 20 minutes to train you should use that time to Squat.  Squatting multiple times a week is not bad for you.  If you properly allow your body to adapt you can squat everyday.

Rack Presses for Static Bench Press Strength

Two of our Powerlifters worked up to their heaviest Rack Press yesterday. The bar is set on the rack at about a 90 degree angle and then they are to start the bar at that point and drive up.

The drill is meant to work on static starting strength (very difficult). Big D hit 515 lbs and his training partner Nick topped off at 505 lbs. Before this drill the guys hit 8×2 with 365 lbs for as fast as they could possibly move the bar.  We worked on this neural stimulus before working on the static strength.  The reasoning is to get the body to think Power.  Produce as much force as possible as quickly as possible.  So when we transition to the static rack press they can transfer that energy over.  Plus by hitting that much work prior to the rack presses they are building on overall endurance.

Both men will be competing next month in a qualifying event for the Olympia.

Top three Wrestlers in the State of AZ train at Performance One

The top Three 170 lbs Wrestlers in the State of Arizona have trained at Performance One Advanced Sports Training under the guidance of Head Coach Joe Micela.  “We have trained them to be strong, powerful, and more athletic.”  Coach Micela said.

Trey Ronayne of Basha HS is number one in Division 1, Hayden Moore of Queen Creek s number 1 in Division 2, and Grant Huber of Mountain View HS is number two in Division 1.

Great job gentlemen! Keep up all the hard work. Coach Micela is proud of you.

Football Spring Semester Training in Full Effect

The new Semester has started and that means Second Semester Football Training for Spring Ball.  This is the time period where you need to put in a lot of work.  Football Off Season Strength Training takes place 4-5 days a week depending on the Athletes School Schedule.  Speed & Conditioning Work will be done 2-3 days a week and progressively increasing as Spring Ball draws nearer.

The Main Goal for most Strength, Power, & Athleticism.  Come get some!

CrossFitter Hits Personal Record at Performance One

Congrats to CrossFit Athlete Katie Jo Peterson for hitting two Personal Records today in the Snatch (53 & 55 kilos). Katie is pushing hard and making progress. She is getting the concept of our program and it is paying off. Well done Katie Jo.

Also Welcome back to all of our lifters that were away do to the Holidays. This week is the first week back for many and overall not to bad. We are slowing preparing for the next big cycle of training. 2013 is the Year for Performance One Weightlifters.

Looking for a Champion

When evaluating an Olympic Weightlifter I look for the following:

1.  Flexibility- Can the athlete get into all the Starting & Finishing Positions.

2.  Coordination-Can they move from Position to Position with ease & control.

3.  Strength-Can they Hold a Position (Statically), can they move from Position to Position (Dynamically) with a Resistance while maintaining Position.

4.  Work Capacity-Can they handle a large amount of Work in a given Session, Week, Cycle, and from Cycle to Cycle.

5.  Recovery-  The ability to recover naturally & quickly from Workout to Workout.

6.  Coach-ability – Can they take direction and comprehend technique quickly with little mistakes.

With all these factors being said the first five are primarily determined by Genetics.  We need to find the genetically more gifted athletes and keep them in our sport.

The one factor that is hard to measure is Heart & Determination.  An athlete that has all the Heart in the world won’t make it in this sport at an Elite International Level without possessing phenomenal genetics.  If you have a Genetically Gifted athlete with little or no heart they will still be good but he/she will never be Elite.  You need both.  When you find that person you will have the Champion you are looking for and that who I look for everyday.

2012 Olympic Team Coach Joe Micela

Ronayne continues his dominance

The Basha HS Wrestler and Performance One Athlete Trey Ronayne won the Tournament of Champions in Peoria, AZ. He won with four pins and received the Outstanding Wrestler Award! Another notch on the belt but we want the State Title.

Paul VI Wrestling State Champions

20 Years ago I was a young Sophomore on my High School Wrestling Team when we beat Bergen Catholic in the New Jersey State Championships.  It was a great team with a lot of characters.  Moments like that helped me form my personality both as an Athlete and future Coach.

Team Building (Tire Flips)

Friday we had a great multi-sport Team Building exercise. At the end of the workout the boys pulled the big tire out to see who could flip it the length of the building the fastest. It was great seeing the guys (Weightlifters, Football Players, & Wrestlers) get after it. Even the old coach get involved. For coming in cold I didn’t do to bad finished in the top 5. These type events every once in a while are great for morale.