ASU Professor medals at the National Championships

David Meltzer placed 3rd at the 2013 Master’s National Weightlifting Championship. David Snatched 90 kilos and Clean & Jerked 111 kilo for a 201 Kilo Total. Great job David. He has medaled at every Master’s Meet there is. You are a role model for people to remember your never too old to be strong. Keep it up Dave.

Keys to Speed Training

Speed in Sprinting is directly related to Stride Length and Stride Frequency. Stride Length can be improved with mobility drills and technical running drills. At some point you will meet your genetic limit due to leg length. Stride Frequency can be improved by Strength Training, Plyometrics, and Specific Running Drills aimed at working at the is. In most sports Running Frequency will determine your success. Your first three steps will determine whether you made the play or got beat.

202 pound Jerk by one of our Female Athletes

Congrats to Weightlifter Stefanie Mc Daniel for hitting a PR in the Jerk last night with 92 kilos. She also hit a PR in the Pwr Clean with 82 kilos. Stefanie will Clean & Jerk 100 kilos mark my words. #Nationals2013

Performance One Softball Player going to Norther Illinois University

Good Luck to Skylar Weinstein of Desert Mountain HS tonight.  Skylar is one of our top Softball Players and has a big game tonight.  Skylar has committed to Northern Illinois University and will be attending there this fall.

USAW Level 1 Certification

Great USAW Level 1 Certification over March 7th & 8th.  We had coaches from a diverse background. Coach Micela has certified more instructors than any other instructor in the State of Arizona.  Next course June8th & 9th 2013.

Stretch to Win

I came across these four great videos from Anne & Chris Fredericks at Stretch To Win. I first met Anne back in 1998. She is the best at Stretch Therapy and Myo Fascial Therapy in the country. She approaches Mobility and Flexibility differently then anyone I have ever met in the field. I highly recommend her Certifications and DVDs to all in the Profession. I have been using her methods since I first met her all those years ago.

The 4 Stretches by Chris Frederick Stretch to Win

Hamstring and Lower Leg Stretch by Anne Frederick

Integrated Arm & Leg with Anne Frederick

Abdominal Exercises Dynamic Stretch Routine

Desert Vista senior hasn’t let autism keep him from winning weightlifting gold

Desert Vista senior hasn’t let autism keep him from winning weightlifting gold

Performance One Athlete Matthew Herbert has over come a lot of obstacles in his life.  But if you ask him he would not suggest that his life is any different that anyone else’s.  Matthew has excelled in Special Olympics Powerlifting and Junior Powerlifting Competitions as well.  He has been training under Coach Joe Micela for about three years and has made continued progress each and every year.  Here is a great story that the Arizona Republic did on Matthew.

Grand Canyon State Games CEO receives Distinguished Arizonian at NFF and HoF Dinner

When I was asked by Grand Canyon State Games CEO Eric “Wid” Widmark to accompany him to the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Dinner for him to receive the Distinguished Arizonian Award for 2013 I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  Wid has been an instrumental figure in creating and developing one of the Nations Largest Sports Organizations in the Country.  Offering both Winter, Summer, and Native Games to all of the residents of Arizona.  A former College and Pro Football Player.  Wid embodies hard work and determination in all that he does.  A proud American, Wid challenged the young men receiving their awards that night to always go out and be the leaders not only on their Football Teams but also in their communities.  Never settling for mediocrity in your life.  I have know Wid since 2000 and each opportunity I am around him I become a better  person learning from his wisdom and tenacity for life.  Congrats again Wid for all that you do for Sports in Arizona.

Hall of Fame Princeton Football Coach Bob Casciola

I had the pleasure to dine with Bob Casciola at the 32nd Annual National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Dinner Saturday night.  Bob was the former Head Coach of Princeton University.  We hit it off immediately.  For one we are both Italians and have ties to both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We talked Football, Wrestling, and the Olympics.  Bob is a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to the opportunity to cross paths with him again.

Special Olympics Power Lifter

Great Story about Matthew Herbert one of Special Olympic Power Lifters

Desert Vista Lifter