Performance One Weightlifters take home medals at the University National Championships

Four Performance One Weightlifters went to the 2013 University Nationals on the campus of East Tennessee State University.  Two came home with medals.  Keith Weitz was first up in the 69 kilo Weight Class.  Keith is still filling out in this weight class as he moves up from the 62 kilo division.  Keith Snatched 100 kilos and Clean & Jerked 120 kilos for a 220 kg Total.  This total finished Keith in third place.  Great job Keith.

Next up was Blake Edwards in the 77 kilo division.  Blake Snatched a Personal Record of 113 kilos on his Second Attempt.  In the Clean & Jerk Blake made 141 kilos on his Second Attempt.  He Cleaned 146 kilos on his Third Attempt but was called for a very slight Press Out with the Jerk.  254 Kilos is a Personal Record Total for Blake and earned him a Third Place finish.  Great job Blake.  With more training and consistent lifting he will hit his next big goal of 270 kilos.

Up next was Chase Verquer.  Chase is the newest of all four lifters but has shown tremendous potential and upside.  This was Chase’s first National Meet and he did fine.  He hit 112 kilos in the Snatch and 137 kilos in the Clean & Jerk.  Chase did not place but learned a lot in this first big meet.  He will be back for more in the months to come.

Last up was Collin Ito.  Collin is the most decorated lifter out of all four and this was the first meet of his career where Collin lifted as a 105 kilo lifter.  All of Collin’s meets up to this point over 11 years of Competing have been in the 105+ kilo Weight Class.  When any athlete loses this much bodyweight there is bound to be some strength loss.  Collin did quite well and hit Personal Records for this Bodyweight with a 143 kilo Snatch and a 176 kilo Clean & Jerk.  Collin finished in 4th place in this very competitive weight class.  We congratulate Collin for making the weight and hitting his numbers.