Robles wins 5th National Title

Sarah Robles has a new string of titles to her name 2012 Olympian, 2013 Pan American Champion and now 5 time National Champion.  Sunday July 28th in West Chester, Ohio Sarah Robles wowed the crowed by hitting a 10 kilo Personal Record Performance.  Tying her best Snatch with 120 kilos and hitting two new records in the Clean & Jerk with 150 & 155 kilos.  She went on to achieve two new records in the Total with 270 & 275 kilos.  Sarah’s next closet competitor was 35 kilos behind her.  

New American Record in the Clean & Jerk 121 kilos

121 kilo American Record Clean & Jerk by Geralee Vega in the 63 kilo weight class.  This record was previous held by 2008 Olympian Carissa Gump.  Geralee is originally from Puerto Rico and has come to America to compete for the US.  She is eligible for the World Team in 2014.  She has to be in the US and in our Drug Testing System for 12 months prior to competing International.

American Record Clean & Jerk Vega 63 kilo Class 121 kilos

Differences between a Good Lift & a Missed Lift

The difference between a good lift or a missed lift can be the matter of a few centimeters. Take the time to understand position and how the body moves. I’ve seen too many new lifters rushing through the learning progressions in order to get the bar over their head or a number on the board or complete a WOD. Take the time to learn the skill and then less missed weights will happen down the road. Especially when it comes down to the last lift in a competition and you need it to win a medal in a major competition.

Athlete lifts big after 2 year Sabbatical

One of our Athletes, Wesley Moore, just came back from a 2 year Sabbatical and just Cleaned 125 kilo. That is only 10 kilos away from his Personal Best of 135 kilos before he left two years ago. This is only his first week back. He will be wrestling at Arizona State University this Fall. Wesley was a State Champion in High School before he left and was not able to train while he was gone.  He shows tremendous dedication and natural ability.  Keep it up Wes!

July 26-28th National Weightlifting Championships in Ohio

Train to be Number 1 there is no other substitute.  If you are training to train then you’ll never ever get anywhere.  This weekend are the National Championships for the Sport of Weightlifting in West Chester, Ohio.  Two of our athletes will be competing, Melissa Faubus and Sarah Robles.  Missy as we call her is competing in her first Senior National Championships.  She has made a lot of progress and we are excited to see her compete.  A seasoned athletic competitor with a long history of Track & Field experience.  Missy is just under a year of full dedication to the sport of Weightlifting.

Sarah Robles has been the top Female Lifter in the US for the past 4 years.  She is going for her fifth straight National Title.  Sarah is coming of her Gold Medal performance at the Pan American Weightlifting Championships in Venezuela last month.  We’d like to wish both girls good luck this weekend.

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification for Lifetime Fitness Trainers

On June 15th & 16th, 2013 Coach Joe Micela held the first ever USAW Level 1 Coaching Course for the Training Staff of Lifetime Fitness in Arizona.  Trainers from their Tempe, Scottsdale, and Gilbert Club participated in this course.  Coach Micela taught all the trainers in the finer points of teaching the Olympic Lifts to beginners of all ages and ability levels.  Lifetime Fitness is kick starting their new program Alpha Fit and asked Coach Micela to be the first instructor to help their staff and better understanding and implementing these great exercises and movements with their staff.  Great job Coach Joe.

Good Luck to Green Bay Packers Rookie Jarvis Wilson

Good Luck to Jarvis Wilson. Jarvis leaves tomorrow for the Green Bay Packers Football Camp. Jarvis has been training with Coach Micela leading up to his First NFL Camp working on his Speed, Power, and Specific Football Muscular Endurance. Even though I wish he was playing with my Philadelphia Eagles I guess I will watch the Packers Camp more closely this year. Jarvis is extremely physically talented. Make it count Jarvis work your ass off and never be satisfied and when you get the opportunity crack someone hard!

Football Player Kevin Ashak hits a big 280 kilo Dead Lift

Former Adams State Football Player Kevin Ashak pulled an easy 280 kilo Dead Lift at the end of his workout on Tuesday.  Kevin continues to impress me with his natural strength and power.  He is improving on his Football Speed and Conditioning and will be a force this coming season for any team.  Keep it up Kevin.

Kevin Ashak 280 kilo Dead Lift

Teaching Athletes how to Perform the Snatch High Pull

When performing the Snatch High Pull the bar should travel to the bottom of the Sternum. Elbows should be higher than your wrists. Legs should be fully extended. The athlete should be attempting to bring the bar up to them and not their body down to the bar.
This exercise is great for emphasizing keeping the bar in close proximity to the body and full extension of the legs and upper torso. When this movement is practiced and developed the athlete will have better technique and a stronger Second Pull.

DeadLift for Pure Football Strength

Dead Lifts are sometimes a forgotten exercise in Football Strength Training.  For Offense and Defensive Linemen the Dead Lift provides a tremendous amount of Ground Based Strength.  Developing the Muscles of the Legs, Lower & Upper Back, and the overall Stress on the Body is un matched.  Technique, Leverage, and Position are paramount in this movement.  Training this exercise for Athletics as opposed to Competition Dead Lift are very different.  Athletes can’t compromise Technique or Position with this Exercise.  Competition Dead Lifters and Powerlifters can get away with a little looser Position.  Here are two great examples of how it should be down.  Kevin Ashak is here Dead Lifting 250 kilos.  He is 320 lbs and 6’1.  Craig Rintoul is 5’6 and 175 lbs and Dead Lifting 220 kilos.

Kevin Ashak 250 kilo Dead Lift

Craig Rintoul Dead Lift 220 Kilos