Former University of Pennsylvania Football Player hitting the Back Squats

Former University of Penn Football Player Eric Jett Snatched a Personal Best of 120 kilos on Aug 23rd.  Eric is coming from a Strong Man and Powerlifting background into the Sport of Weightlifting.  The many years of heavy Strength Training from his previous two disciplines have helped him tremendously in Weightlifting.   With more timing, flexibility, and understanding of the movements Eric could be Snatching 140-150 kilos very quickly.  Eric has Cleaned 165 kilos thus far with more training and time under the bar he could be Cleaning over 180-190 kilos here before the new year.  He finished the night off with an easy 275 kilo (605 lb.) Back Squat at the end of his workout. Eric’s Leg Strength & Lower Back Strength are definitely his Strengths.  Flexibility, Experience, and Upper Back Strength are things he needs to work on.  Keep it up Eric.

ACP Client Kristin Ferranti keeps making progress in her program.

ACP Client Kristin Ferranti keeps making progress in her program. ACP stands for Athletic Conditioning Preparation a program that Head Coach Joe Micela created for the individual who wants to train like and athlete but may not be currently competitive in a sport.  This program was originally created for Athletes whom were finished their competitive careers but wanted to train with the same mind set and intensity level that they did when they were competing.  Kristin Clean + Front Squatted + Push Jerked 35 kilos for 2 sets of 4 reps today for a Personal Record. She beat all her times on her Timed Circuits. She continues to push and be motivated. Awesome job Kristin!

ACP stands for Athletic Conditioning Preparation. ACP clients perform a wide variety of Athletic Movements to develop their bodies for any Athletic Event. Running, Jumping, Olympic Weightlifting, Agility Training, and Muscular Endurance Training are all a part of the daily program that is developed for each clients ability level. Constantly striving to improve.

Long Term Athletic Development

Long Term Athletic Development was established to look at the total career of an athlete from First Contact through the Athletic Timeline into the Sport for Fun Stage.

1. Athletic Literacy 8-10 years
2. Learn to Train 10-12 years
3. Train to Train 13-16 years
4. Train to Compete 17-20 years
5. Compete to Win 21-29 years
6. Sport for Fun 30+

Coach Micela receives Pan American Weightlifting Certificate

Coach Joe Micela of Performance One Advanced Sports Training and Performance One Weightlifting Club has received a Certificate of Completion for his participation at the 2013 Pan American Weightlifting Association Coach’s Symposium.  This event was held at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado Aug 11-15th, 2013.  Over 45 coaches from the Americas were invited to hear lectures covering topics from Long Term Athletic Development to Competition Tapering, Nutrition, Doping, and the concept of the Olympic Spirit.  We also heard from each country and how they are working to promote the sport in their home countries.  It was a great experience for our top coaches to share ideas about Weightlifting.

Pan American Weightlifting Coaches Symposium

The group of Coaches that attended the Pan American Weightlifting Coaches Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Great event even better people.

Coach Micela and Cuban National Weightlifting Coach

Coach Joe Micela and Cuban National Weightlifting Coach Vicente Hernandez.  Both coaches where apart of the Pan American Weightlifting Coaches Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO.  Coaches from across the Continent came to share ideas and learn from one and another.  It is this exchange of cultures and philosophies that will bring a better relationships with our people.

Pan American Coaching Symposium Aug 11-Aug 15th at the USOC Center in Colorado Springs, CO

Coach Micela was asked to be apart of the first Pan American Coaching Symposium at the United States Olympic Center in Colorado Springs, CO from Aug 11 – 15th.  Coach Micela along with other US and Foreign Coaches listened to Lectures from across the Pan Americas.  Topics ranging from Long Term Athletic Development to High Performance.  We heard about conditions from Haiti, Barbados, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and Cuba.  It was very insightful to here about everyones different situations.  Just when you had a thought you where in a tough situation someone stood and told their story and your story didn’t seem so bad anymore.  I will be writing about my experience there over the next couple of days.

Great Slow Mo Video of the Mechanics of the Snatch

Here is a great slow motion video of the Snatch from the Side View.  Notice how the bar comes to the athlete the Hips and Shoulders rise at the same rate.  He never goes to the bar the bar comes to him.  When the Bar is at the Hip his Torso is Vertical.  The bar moves very little horizontally. Read more

University of Sioux Falls Football Player works hard this Summer

I wanted to wish Sam Lantz good luck at Football Camp. Today was Sam’s last day with us this summer. Sam plays Football at the University of Sioux Falls. Sam learned how to develop Power from the Olympic Lifts. He saw very quickly the benefits of this methodology of training for Football.

Fitness Client shows skills in Weightlifting

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Kristen Ferranti. Kristen has adopted our Athletic Sports Performance Mindset and has taken to the Olympic Lifts with great ease. She has shown a glimpse of interest in the lifts and I may program them more into her workout. She battled hard today in her conditioning session and she kept going despite wanting to die. With time she will reach all her goals. Keep it up girl you did a great job today. I tried to kill you but you hung in there.