Weightlifting Team Update

Great Friday Night Training Session with our Weightlifting Team.  There where many Personal Records set. Let’s start it off with Missy Faubus, Missy finally breaking threw with a PR in the Snatch with 88 kilos. Missy is right around the corner to 90+ kilos. Considering how busy her work schedule has been lately I am very happy that she was able to still stay on track and hit this number. Congrats!

The other big Personal Record came from Samantha Wright. Sam tied her PR in the Snatch with 68 kilos.  She performed this weight for three solid Singles.  During the Clean & Jerk Sam PRed with 81 kilos. This weight has been an obstacle for her for quite sometime. It was a big monkey off her back.  I believe it will open the door to bigger weights.  She also topped it off with PR Front Squat of 87 kilos (in her morning session) and PR Back Squat with 105 kilos. These are PR’s since her Quadricep Injury.  Sam is adapting well to the program and She has a bright National and International Career ahead of her.  Both Sam and Missy are training for the American Open Weightlifting Championships in December.

Asha and Kaija Bramwell started training with us at Performance One Advanced Sports Training. I used to train the girls’ Father Eric several years ago. Asha is one of the state’s top Pole Vaulters and Javelin thrower’s. She has a tremendous amout of Power for an athlete her size. With more Strength Training Asha can be a top collegiate athlete.  Kaija, Asha’s younger sister, is the top Youth Lifter in Arizona. She Power Snatched 45 kilos and Power Cleaned & Jerked 63 kilos fairly easy. Not bad for a 53 kilo sixteen year old. She works very hard and is progressing nicely. She will be competing along side our other lifers at the American Open Championships.

Chase Verquer has been killing himself in training day in and day out for the past year. Last night he put together a very solid performance of 115 kilo Snatch and a 145 kilo Clean & Jerk for a PR Total of 260. This was long overdue. Chase’s short term goal of 270 kilos is right around the corner.  Chase, Craig, and another one of our lifters Blake Edwards are all chasing 270 kilos.  Let’s see who will be first to it.  It must be done in a meet.

Saturday Morning training kept the same fire. We had a nice little battle between Jake Mapes and James Ellis in the Power Clean & Push Jerk. After their normal workout I let the boys go up to see who could out lift the other. A container of Glutamine was on the line. Jake hit a PR with 130 in the Power Clean & Push Jerk. James answered right back. Jake then called for 135 kilos and made the Power Clean and just missed the Push Jerk. A five kilos PR in the Power Clean. James came back and made 135 on his final attempt for the win. That lift was a five kilo PR for James in the Power Clean & Push Jerk. Jake is a Junior getting ready for the Junior Nationals and James is a Senior getting ready for the American Open.  Great job gentleman! Keep it up.

Craig Rintoul had a very solid day Snatching 115 and Clean & Jerking 140. Everyday weights as we like to say.  Craig is the older veteran of the group and I rely on him to lead by example and show the younger lifters how to approach training and competing like a professional lifter.

I am very happy with our group of lifters at the moment. I think collectively as a team we are very strong and will only get stronger.  There is good energy in the gym right now and I am optimistic for the future with this group.


Coach Joe

Great start for a very strong young Lifter

Great first session with a new young lifter, Cody King.  Cody may be the strongest lifter that I have ever started in the sport of Weightlifting.  I first met Cody when I was brought in to be his High School Speed & Conditioning Coach at Desert Ridge High School in Gilbert, AZ.  Cody is a very powerful athlete in his first introduction to Snatching he managed to Snatch 90 kilos very easily from Above the Knee.  I stopped him early but believe he could have Snatched 110 kilos in this first workout.  Cody has Power Cleaned 155 kilos in High School with marginal technique.  He is 6’1 130 kilos.  He is the strongest athlete at that age that I have ever worked with.  But what excites me more than his strength is his flexibility and speed.  He can get in all the required positions and he can get there with speed.  I will work with him see if he can make the technical transition into the sport of Weightlifting.  I will be posting on his progress.

Coach Joe

Strength Training for Cross Country Mountain Biking is a must.

Cross Country Mountain Biker Brandon Barrett is getting ready for the up coming Competition Season with a new commitment to his Strength Training.  Our program will help riders develop more Torque through through their legs on the hill climbs and more control of the bike by their upper bodies on the down hill runs.  While at the same time keeping him injury free from the normal Repetitive Over Use Injuries you sometimes see with Riders.  At Performance One we train anybody with the passion to improve.