Big Lift Friday for Performance One Weightlifters

Great Day of Friday Lifting from our Performance One Lifters. First off I would like to welcome back Travis Hyde to our program. I first started training Travis when he was in HS Training for Football & Lacrosse at Gilbert HS. Travis always possessed a great work ethic and great attitude toward the sport. Welcome back Travis.

-Cody King showed how dominant can be in the Sport of Weightlifting today. Cody Power Snatched 120 kilos with ease. As we work on position and timing that will become a 140-145 kilo Full Snatch.

-Jake Mapes Tied his PR in the Snatch with 105 and just missed 110. He Clean & Jerked 140 kilos and set a new Training PR of 245 kilos. Both Cody and Jake are Junior Lifters training for the Junior Nationals in January.

-Kaija Bramwell was extremely consistent with her Work Sets today hitting 4×1 in the Snatch with 53 kilos. Then also hitting 4×1 in the Clean & Jerk with 73 kilos. Kaija is a Youth lifter training for the American Open and Junior National Championships.

-Missy Faubus tore it up, Hitting two major PRs in the Snatch with 90 & 92 kilos. They looked like “Money”. She is fully capable of Snatching 100 kilos. This would put her in a very elite group of US Women Weightlifters. She followed it up with tying her PR Clean & Jerk with 105 and just missing 109. 197 is a PR Total and very close to our goal of a 200 kilo by the American Open.

-Chase Verquer had a very fine day Clean & Jerking. Chase hit 146 & a crazy 150 kilo Clean & Jerk. Chase works his put off as a full time Pharmacy Student. I would love to only imagine if he could train more full-time what he could accomplish.

-James Ellis is working on his consistency and showed me today that he can hit 120 kilo Snatches on command. He followed it up with a 155 kilo Clean & Jerk and cleans at 160, 165, and an attempt at 170. 170 has been his nemesis for quite sometime. He will beat that demon soon.

-New comer Kyle Schmidt looked good in his second Work out Cleaning up to 105 kilos on his second day. Kyle took my class at Mesa Community College and has shown a lot of promise in the sport of Weightlifting. I am very glad that he decided to pursue it more seriously.

If I left someone out please let me know. The gym was very alive with energy from new and old faces. I am very happy at this particular moment with all of my lifters. Keep fighting and striving for more. Don’t be satisfied. When your become satisfied with what you have done it is time for you to leave this sport.

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Hump Day Lifting Highlights

Wednesday was a very exciting day of Training for our Weightlifters. Weights were flying and athletes getting after it. We have many new faces that are getting after it. I am excited for the young talent that has joined our club. Many of these athletes will be competing on Nov 2nd and in future National Competitions.

-Junior Lifter Jake Mapes Snatched 100 Clean & Jerked 130 (becoming everyday weights)
-University Lifter Dillon Casillas 2 Position Snatch 80 kilo 2 Position Clean + Jerk 100
-Junior Lifter Cody King Jerked 170 for a long Double from behind the Neck Cleaned 120 Dead Lifted 280 kilos
-Senior Lifter Eric Jett Snatched 125 kilo Clean & Jerked 140 Dead Lifted 280 kilos
-Senior Lifter Missy Faubus Snatched 77 kilos Clean & Jerked 95 kilos
-Youth Lifter Kaija Bramwell Pwr Snatched 49 kilos Pwr Clean & Push Jerked 65 kilos
-Junior Lifter Asha Bramwell Pwr Cleaned 70 kilos Dead Lifted 95 kilos
-Senior Lifter Samantha Leigh Snatched 66 kilos Clean & Jerked 77 kilos
-Youth Lifter Brooke Shumway Clean & Push Jerked 30 kilos

New lifters
-Senior Evan Ovalle Jerked 60 kilos Cleaned 80 kilos Dead Lifted 140 kilos
-Master Lifter Shawn Monte Clean & Jerked 80 kilos Dead Lifted 140 kilos
-University Lifter Kyle Schmidt Snatched from Above the Knee 65 kilos Back Squatted 130 kilos

Young lifters show off their talents

Yesterday was a great day of lifting for a younger lifters. Cody King is learning how to control his body with the Clean and performed very easy sets with 120 for doubles. He then went onto Jerk from behind the neck. Cody’s was able to work up to 170 kilos for a couple of sets of one. For just learning how to do the movement he is showing a tremendous amount of ability. There are not many athletes that can walk into a gym and Jerk 170 kilos in a few training sessions. Keep learning the technique and you’ll go far Cody. 2020 Olympics Japan

Cody’s teammate and friend Jake Mapes continued to impress with his consistent lifting in the Snatch. Jake performed five sets of two reps with 90 kilos to perfection. Following that up with three doubles in the Clean & Jerk with 130 kilos. Toping the day off with a PR Front Squat of 180 kilos. That is a 10 kilo PR. Jake like Cody are training for the Junior National Championships in January.

The third member of this dynamite younger group is Kaija Bramwell. Kaija was the 2013 Youth World Team Member. She has recently come to us to build on her Technical Skills and to take her Weightlifting to the next level. She has shown great progress in the technical understanding of the movements. She will be dominant force in the Youth and Junior levels of the 53 kilo weight class.