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Friday Update

Friday was a great day for training for our Weightlifters. Let me start with Travis Hyde. Travis hit a very easy Snatch this week of 100 kilos. This is below Travis’s best but since he has come back it is a PR. He will be back to his old numbers very soon and I see him surpassing those numbers. Travis also hit a 125 kilo Clean this week that looked very easy. Travis is a full-time Firefighter and many times comes in to train immediately right after a shift.

Next up is Kaija Bramwell. Kaija is one of the top Youth Lifters in the Country and his really improving on her Snatch. Friday after noon she hit a 55 kilo Snatch witch has become very routine for this 53 kilo lifter. Snatching bodyweight is not as easy as it sounds let alone for a 16 year old female. She has made huge strides in her leg strength this week with PRs in the Back Squat with 102 and Front Squat with 90 kilos. Kaija will be competing at the American Open and Junior Nationals in the weeks to come.

Junior Lifter Cody King is starting to get the technical aspects of the Snatch and finally Snatched 120 kilos. Cody is very powerful and has already Power Snatched 120 but now he is starting to understand the catch portion of the lifts. Cody will be a force at the Junior Nationals in February.

Missy Faubus continues to impress by hitting 89 kilos in the Snatch and 105 ini the Clean & Jerk. Missy is striving for a 200 kilo total by the Open and She is on pace to hit those numbers. Missy brings an intensity to training that I wish more athletes possessed.

Samantha Leigh despite being sick most of the week with a sinus infection continued to stay relatively close to her target weights for the week. Sam hit 67 in the Snatch and 80 kilos in the Clean & Jerk 2 out of 3 workouts this week. Her body is adapting to Coach Micela’s Training Program and with a little more time will be hitting some of the top lifts in the Nation at the 53 kilo Weight Class.

The American Open is two weeks out and the Juniors is 11 weeks out. Our athletes are some of the top in Arizona and we work our ass off to maintaing this high standard of lifting. Keep it up and don’t be satisfied.

National Letter of Intent Signing Day

In honor of National Letter of Intent Signing Day Coach Micela would like to offer a Free Week of Training to all those athletes whom have signed with their perspective schools.  This is a great moment in a young athletes life as they move toward the next level of athletic competition.

Don’t show up unprepared for the demands of College Athletics.  The difference between starting and sitting the bench can be very close.  Developing Strength and Explosive Power will put you ahead of the competition.  Being Stronger, Faster, and More Athletic will enable you to develop your skill set at a higher rate.

Many of our high schools athletes have gone on to become impact starters their Freshman years.

Performance One will offer a 30% Off Discount on all Training Packages for Athletes who sign up.  Call the office for more information and get started today!


Coach Joe

Performance One Weightlifting Open November 16th, 2013

We had a great weightlifting meet here at Performance One. A lot of new faces and well as veteran lifters. Here are some photos that were taken throughout the day!

Junior Lifter Front Squats 190 kilos

Junior Lifter Cody King.  Front Squatted 190 kilos (419 lb.) today at the end of his workout.  Cody is very new to Olympic Weightlifting but has shown a tremendous ability for the sport.  With natural strength and power, Cody just needs to work at learning and improving upon his Lifting Technique.

Performance One Weightlifting Open Results

Here are the results from the Performance One Weightlifting Open on Nov 2nd, 2013 at the Performance One Facility


Performance One Open Results




Throwback Thursday- Coach Joe Micela

Experience Matters. When choosing an Olympic Weightlifting Coach look for their records in experience and proven results. Here’s a handful of lanyards that show Coach Joe Micela has been around the world coaching athletes with high level results.  Just to name a few of the places he’s traveled: All over the US, England, France, Guatemala, Korea, Turkey, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Russia, Italy, etc…joeslanyards joeslanyards1

Performance One Weightlifting Open Recap

Saturday was a very exciting Weightlifting Meet for many individuals. We should have all the results posted tomorrow. Just a few comments about our lifters.

Samantha Leigh lifted very well as she is come backing from her quad injury. Sam Snatched 67 kilos and Clean & Jerked 79 at 53 kilos. This was the first time she has made weight at this weight class in a while. Sam is still working on some things but all in all she has made a ton of progress. She won the best Female Lifter Award based off Sinclair.

Missy Faubus has been lifting very good as of late and it shows. This meet was another indication of how much progress she has made. Missy Snatched 90 kilos (meet PR) and Clean & Jerked 105 for 195 kilos (Meet PR) in the 75+ kilo class.

Joel Scott Barnett from Flagstaff did very well Snatching 72 kilos and Clean & Jerking 84 kilos. Joel looked very composed and went 5 for 6. Joel works extremely hard and has just scratched the surface on his ability level.

Keith Weitz performed ok considering he has been suffering from a hip/back injury that has not allowed him to train very heavy at all. Even though he lifted under his best numbers he will heal up and be ready for the American Open.

The heavier weight classes were filled with many of our guys.

Blake Edwards did not have a great day. He Snatched 110 kilos and Clean & Jerked 140 kilos in the 85 kilo Class. These numbers are low for Blake and should have been hitting higher numbers. Blake has needs to build his leg strength and consistency in training in order to take the next step.

Junior Lifter Jake Mapes hit a Competition PR in the Snatch with 100 kilos and another one in the Clean & Jerk with 135 kilos. Jake has made more in training and with more composer and experienced will hit those weights in a competition.

Cody King is quite a special lifter. This was Cody’s first meet and first time putting the Snatch and Clean & Jerk together in one session and only his third time putting the Clean & Jerk together. I don’t normally rush athletes into a meet but Cody is different. Cody got a little anxious in the Snatch and ended up Power Snatching all of his attempts (100, 105, and 110 kilos). He has tremendous amount of Power and once he understands how to use his strength and technique will Snatch 150 kilos. In the Clean & Jerk he made 130 kilos very easy. We bumped up to 140 and Cleaned it very easy but pressed the Jerk out just a little bit. I wanted to have Cody attempt a 145 kilo Clean & Jerk and he cleaned it very easily. This was a PR Clean for Cody. He again like the 140 pressed it out. He also qualified for the Junior Nationals as a 105+. He needs work on both lifts. With time he can be a top Lifter in the US.

Chase Verquer showed continued improvement under pressure. Chase Snatched 110, 115, and had a close miss at 120. In the Clean & Jerk, Chase made 140, 145, and just missed 150 kilos. Chase is full-time Pharmacy Student and has a tremendous course load and still makes improvements.

Craig Rintoul had a very good day of lifting. Craig hit competition PRs in the Snatch with 120 kilos and Clean & Jerk with 150 kilos for a PR Total with 270 kilos. Great job Craig. Next up for Craig the American Open Championships.

James Ellis, like Craig, had a very good day of lifting. James hit a competition and lifetime PR in the Snatch with 125 kilos. James followed it up with a 155 kilo Clean & Jerk for a 280 kilo Total. James is hitting his stride going into the American Open Championships.

Eric Jett finished off the day with some good points and some not so good points. Eric hit a competition PR in the Snatch with 125 kilos. When Eric gets his timing and feel of the movement down, like Cody King, will be snatching in the 140-145 kilo range very soon. In the Clean & Jerk, Eric reverted a little back to his University of Penn Football Strength Training days and decided to Power Clean his weights instead of full cleaning. He ugly Power Cleaned 157 kilos on his last attempt and made the Jerk successfully. We have worked on this for sometime but it still needs more work. I informed Eric with a Power Clean of 157 he should be Cleaning in the 180’s right now. With more time and more confidence in the positions, I believe Eric can be hitting a 340-350 Total by February.

All in all I was very happy with our athletes that lifted. Those heading to the American Open are making great strides to peak for that meet. PRs in National Competitions are what we strive for. Our Club develops weightlifters to the National and International Level. But not only to those levels but to succeed at the highest levels at those Competitions. We make PRs in Big Meets!