Performance One Weightlifters Medal in every National Meet during one year period of Time


Coach Micela set a goal of having an athlete medaling at every National Meet that we entered. We also wanted to enter an athlete at ever National Meet regardless of age division. We are one of few programs in the country that has had an Athlete Medal at every major meet that USA Weightlifting holds in American. We also had an athlete medal in an International Competition as well have had an athlete break multiple records this past year.

We are very happy to announce that as at this past weekends American Open Weightlifting Championships Performance One and Coach Micela accomplished that goal. We wanted to say thank you to all of the athletes that worked hard to make this happen. We are extremely proud that all of the athletes where coached by Joe Micela and have bought into his system of training.

We are looking for bigger and better events in 2015. More medals, more records, and more international teams. With more training, sacrifice, and commitment we will reach our next goal.

December 2013
American Open Weightlifting Championships
Samantha Wright 53 kilos 2nd Snatch, 3rd Overall
Missy Faubus 75+ 2nd in the Snatch

February 2014
Junior National Weightlifting Championships
Jake Mapes 94 kilos 3rd in the Snatch, 2nd in the Clean & Jerk, and 3rd Overall
Cody King 105+ 3rd in the Snatch, 1st in the Clean & Jerk, and 2nd Overall

April 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Master’s National Weightlifting Championships                                                                                                                                         David Meltzer 105 kilo Gold Medal

May 2014
Youth Pan American Weightlifting Championships
Kaija Bramwell 53 kilos 2nd in Snatch, 3rd in Clean & Jerk, 2nd Overall (Three American Records)

June 2014
Master’s Pan American Weightlifting
David Meltzer Gold Medal Overall
Joel Barnett Bronze Medal Overall

June 2014
Youth National Championships
Kyle Price 48 kilo 13 & Under Class 2nd in Snatch, C&J, and Total
Kaija Bramwell 53 kilo 16-17 class, 1st in Snatch, 2nd in C&J, 1st Overall

July 2014
Senior National Weightlifting Championships
Dillon Casillas 62 kilo Class 3rd in the Snatch, 3rd Overall
Missy Faubus 75+ 3rd in the Snatch

Aug 2014
Master’s World Weightlifting Championships
David Meltzer Bronze Medal Overall

Sept 2014
University National Weightlifting Championships
Dillon Casillas 62 kilo Class 2nd in Snatch, 3rd Overall
Missy Faubus 75+ 2nd in Snatch, 3rd in C&J, 2nd Overall
Cody King 105+ 1st in Snatch, 2nd in the C&J, 1st Overall

November 2014
Master’s American Open Weightlifting
David Meltzer Gold Medal Overall

December 2014
American Open Weightlifting Championships
Cody King 105+ Bronze Medal in the Snatch

Olympic Weightlifting Class at Mesa Community College Taught by 2012 Olympic Coach Joe Micela

Mesa Community College offers the only Olympic Weightlifting Class out of all the Maricopa Community Colleges.  The class is taught by 2012 Olympic Team Coach Joe Micela.  Students will learn the basic technical fundamentals of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  The students will develop the knowledge base in order  to teach the movements to their piers and future athletes.  They will learn these concepts both an Athlete and Coach.    The Class will begin on February 2nd and run through May 15th, 2015.  The Weightlifting Class specializing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  This class is fairly physical and strongly suggests each student posses an intermediate fitness level but does not require the student to know Olympic Weightlifting in advance.

Mesa Community College Exercise Science Department

Class enrollment is limited to 15 students please sign up early to save your spot in the class.  Coach Micela has been teaching this class going on eight years and is looking forward to this upcoming Spring Semester.

2014 American Open Weightlifting Championships

The start of the 2014 American Open championships started off with some highs and lows. In the 53 kilo weight class we had two lifters. Last year’s bronze medalist Samantha Wright and this years Youth National Champion and Youth American Record Holder Kaija Bramwell. First up was Sam with an opener of 67 kilos in the Snatch. She made it easy. Next up was Kaija with 68 kilos one kilo more than her American Record of 67 kilos. She made it very easily. On her second attempt with 69 kilos Sam rushed the lift and missed it. We decided to bump her to 70 kilos to give her a little more time and move up on the board. She had a tremendous pull on the third attempt but put a little too much on it and missed it behind. She was credited with 67 kilos on her opener. We called for 71 for the Second attempt of Kaija Bramwell. She had a great pull on the bar however while it was overhead she tucked her butt underneath her and lost her balance and had to drop the bar. We knew that it was a minor technical skew so we decide to go for 73 kilos on her third attempt. She had a powerful pull and over pulled the lift just by a hair. She has made this weight in training and will make it in the competition soon. She was credited with 68 and a New American Record.

Going into the Clean & Jerks Samantha was first up with 83 kilos this is one kilo heavier than her previous heaviest made weight in competition. Sam has had great training leading into this meet and was routinely making 85-88 kilo Clean & Jerks. Unfortunately, She missed her opener with 83 kilos, it cut her air off and she was not able to recover to make the Jerk. We moved her up to 84 kilos to buy her more time. On the Second attempt she was again unsuccessful in the Clean and Jerk due to losing her air after she stood up with the Clean. Regrettable the Third Attempt with 84 kilos proved to be just a little too much on this day and despite a great effort and fight was unable to make the lift.

Kaija Bramwell had made a goal after the Senior National Championships that she would open with the New American Records in the Youth Division and make them. She had already established a new Youth Record in the Snatch with 68 kilos. Kaija opened with 86 kilos in the Clean and Jerk and nailed it. This was a New Youth American Record in the Clean & Jerk (86 kilos) and Total (154 kilos). Every attempt after this one would be a New American Record Attempt. We called for 89 kilos and she made it another Youth American Record in the Clean & Jerk and Total (157 kilos). For her last attempt we looked at the board and made a decision to try to push it a little and go for 94 kilos. We had already solidified our primary goal of breaking the American Records. This was her last competition as a Youth Lifter and wanted to go out on a high note. The second goal was to hit a 162 kilo Total. This would tentatively put her in a position to receive Elite Athlete Funding by the USA Weightlifting. And thirdly, making the 94 kilo Clean & Jerk would have put her on the podium for a Clean & Jerk medal. It was a big jump but she had made 93 kilos and training and we were banking on the adrenaline factor pushing her to the next level. She had an extremely long wait in the back after her 89 kilo lift and this was a whole new experience for Kaija. She went out for the lift with extreme determination and confidence. A such a young age Kaija shows great composure and focus. However, that weight proved to be a little out of her reach that day. All in all she broke five Youth American Records and finished in the top ten of very competitive class. The overall depth and totals at this competition where higher than the Senior National Championships. Not bad for the youngest lifter in her class. Next up the Junior Nationals where she looks to know prove herself as one of the best Junior lifters in America.

Saturday we saw Craig Rintoul lift in the 85 kilo B Session. Craig came out and hit a very successful 112 kilo Snatch on his opener. On his Second Attempt the call was for 117 kilos. He did not finish the pull on the lift and left it out front. He came back confident and corrected the 117 kilo lift on his Third Attempt. Going into the Clean & Jerk Craig opened with 142 kilos for a good lift. The call was to jump to 147 kilos on the Second Attempt. The Clean was good put cut his air off and Craig was not able to recover enough to put a full effort into the Jerk. After discussing the options we felt that repeating at 147 as opposed to jumping up to 150 was not much different. Our goal this day was to go for 152 kilos so it was within his desired goal. Craig refocused and went out for the lift with a great amount of energy and aggression. He had been sick for a couple of weeks prior to this competition and the heaviest weight he had Cleaned was 145 kilos. He caught the 150 kilos deep into the squat. He fought to stand up and cleared his throat for a shot at the Jerk. He dipped and drove but the bar drifted a little he got it over head but with a slight press out in his right arm. 2 to 1 no lift. Given the situation leading up to this meet I knew that if Craig had one more week back from his illness to be at full strength the results would have been different. I am proud of Craig with his training and determination. In sport like in life you have to deal with all situations and neither are fair. No excuses just go lift.

All of our athletes have a lot to take away from this competition and all have things to work on. Next up are two other lifters that we are working with Chris Douglas in the 77 kilo A Session from Paramount Barbell Club out of Seattle, WA and 85 kilo A Session James Ellis out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Tomorrow we have Cody King in the 105+ kilo A Session. Good luck gentleman.

Videos will come later!

Coach Micela on NBC Sports “Fitness from the Ground Up”

NBC Sports 1060 AM Fitness From the Ground Up

Coach Micela was asked to be on NBC Sports “Fitness from the Ground Up” with the Sports Kinesiologist Zig Ziegler.  Coach Micela is asked a range of topics from Youth Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit, proper footwear.  Listen in and tell us what you think.

Coach Micela to speak at the American Open Weightlifting Championships







Coach Joe Micela has been asked to speak at two different presentations at the 2014 American Open Weightlifting Championships this year.  He has been asked to speak at the Club Owners Business Seminar and the Coaches Roundtable.

Club Owners Business Seminar at the American Open
At the American Open in the Georgetown West room immediately after lifting is finished for the evening, all club representatives/coaches are invited to attend the Owners Club seminar, hosted by Tyrone Harvey (Team Florida Orlando), Joe Micela (Performance One) and Danny Camargo (Team O.C.) with an open discussion opportunity about running a club, making coaching/lifting your occupation and general club matters.
Coaching Roundtable
Hosted by Leo Totten and starring several historic names from the sport the coaches round table (Georgetown Room West, immediately after lifting on Friday) allows coaches an opportunity to share experiences with some of the most successful coaches in our sport.

WADA new Anti Doping Rules

WADA and USADA have now come together for a more unified and conscious Anti Doping Protocol.  It is a step in the right direction to catch those individuals whom cheat.  We need an even playing field that everyone can adhere by.  I hope this helps deter more athletes not to use banned substances and allow the ones that are doing it right to be recognized.


New Drug Testing Protocal

19 year old Snatches 157 kilos in Training

157 kilo Snatch

Junior Lifter Cody King Snatches 157 kilo in training.  This is 8 kilos up from his 145 kilos that he did at the 2014 University Nationals where he won the Gold Medal.  Cody is training hard to become the best super heavyweight in the Country.  He is showing each and every workout that he has what it takes to grow into one of the top lifters.  He is young and still very new to the sport with time he will become the best in the Nation.

Life will either buck you off or take you for the ride of your life!

Motivational Monday


Life will either Buck you Off or Take you for the Ride of your Life!


Dig your heels in, Hold on tight, and Go for It!!!

NBC Sports to Broadcast from Performance One on Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014

Free Day to Train at Performance One

This Saturday Zig Ziegler with “Fitness from the Ground Up” Radio Show on 1060 AM will be broadcasting their show live from Performance One Advanced Sports Training from 12-2 pm.

Zig and his staff will also being doing some Gait Analysis and Human Movement Assessments geared to helping athletes improve their Running Mechanics. This will be done after the show from 2-4 pm. Coach Micela will be on air with Zig talking about Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning for all Sports, and his experiences at the 2012 Olympics.

Performance One Weightlifters will be offering free Weightlifting Lessons to all whom stop by. 11 am – 4 pm.

Come spend this Saturday with “Fitness from the Ground Up’s Zig Zieler and Performance One’s Head Coach Joe Micela.


Fitness from the Ground Up

19 year old Back Squats 572 lbs in Training

19 year old Cody King Back Squats 260 kilos (572 lbs) in Training on Tuesday Nov 18th, 2014.  This was a 10 kilo Personal Record for him.  We have set a Goal of 273 kilos (600 lbs) before February for Cody.  I believe with the consistent training he will go after it.

Back Squat 260 kilos