Two of Performance One Softball Players have been recognized in the top 50 College Players in the Nation

Congrats to 2 former Performance One Athletes, Kaitlyn Richardson of the University of Minnesota (Sandra Day O’Conner HS) and Lauren Haeger of the University of Florida (Dear Valley HS) for both being named in the top 50 College Softball Players in the Country.  Both Kaitlyn and Lauren trained with Coach Micela while they where in High School.  They came to develop strength and power.  Another main reason was to be in a Strength & Conditioning Program that was similar to what they were going to experience at the Division 1 level.  When both girls showed up to school their Freshman Year of College they had the physical maturity and training experience of a third year player.  This allowed both girls to be immediate impact players for their teams and start right away.  Strength & Power for Hitting and Pitching allowed these girls to separate themselves from the competition.  Arizona has produced some of the best softball players in the country.

Coach Micela has worked with top athletes from all over Arizona in a multitude of Sports. One of his favorite group of athletes to work with is Softball Players. “There tough and train hard” -Coach Joe.   Great job girls we are very proud of you!  Good Luck with the up coming season we’ll be watching.

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The Evolution of Little Boots. The Journey Continues. This is Part One of the Transformation.

Follow Performance One Weightlifter Craig Rintoul through his Evolution as a Weightlifter.  This is Part One of the Journey.  Craig has come a long way since first meeting Coach Joe Micela.  The work is still not complete.

Evolution of Little Boots

Competition Week 1/27/14

This week three of our top Junior Lifters will be traveling to Aurora, Colorado with Coach Joe Micela to compete at the Junior National Weightlifting Championships. Cody King (105+ kiosk), Jake Mapes (94 kilos), and Kaija Bramwell (53 kilos). Kaija will compete on Saturday at 12:30 PM in the 53 kilo A Session. Jake and Cody will compete on Sunday. Jake will lift at 2 pm. Cody will lift at 6:30 pm. All times are subject to change up until the Technical Meeting. If times change Coach Micela will post them.

You can watch the event live at the following site:

Junior National Weightlifting Web Cast
The athletes have trained hard and they are ready. Good Luck Performance One Weightlifters!

Cody & Jake outside of Performance One

Throw Back Thursday

2009 World Weightlifting Championships: 69 kilo Women’s A Session

Throw Back Thursday to the 2009 World Weightlifting Championships: 69 Kilo Women’s A Session in Goyang City, Korea where Coach Joe Micela was the Assistant Coach for both the Men’s and Women’s USA Weightlifting Teams.

There are some very talented ladies from all over the World lifting in this session.  Former Olympic Gold Medalists and World Champions all showed up to see who was the best.  A little unknown Armenian girl came out of no where and stole the show.  The US has some very young and talented girls in this class that will crack into the A Session in the next year or two.  I am routing for Allie Henry to make a big impact.  Go USA!

Power Movements from the Block

Power Snatches and Power Cleans from Above the Knee off of Blocks are used to build Speed and work on full extension. The pull is shorter and the receiving position is shallow. This requires the athlete to get that bar moving fast. Starting from the block stresses a static start/starting strength without overloading the lower back. This is key when you are close to competition and don’t want too much stress or if you are confident that the athletes lower back is strong enough and you want to work on pure speed of movement. Whether you are a Weightlifter or Sport Athlete using Weightlifting Movements help you with your sport alternating between Strength Days and Speed Days is important to the overall development of the Athlete. Here Junior Weightlifter Cody King is Performing a Power Clean from Above the Knee with 150 Kilos (330 lbs)

Winter Break Visitors

We’ve had a lot of visitors here over Winter Break. If you are in town and would like to come in for a workout, give us a call at (480)813-5477. Anytime you are on a break from your school routine, or on vacation come check us out atPerformance One Advanced Sports Training. * USAW members receive a discount. *IMG_2799

Friday Night Recap

It was a great week of training thus far at Performance One Advanced Sports Training. Caught up with an old friend Kellen Mills and his wife Halle Mills on Thursday. I used to train Kellen’s older sister Jenica way back in the day. Kellen was a Junior National Medalist back in 2002 and just recently placed third in the Snatch of the 105+ kilo Class at the American Open Championships. I wish him and his wife Halle continued success in the sport of Weightlifting.

We also had College Ahtletes’ from all over the country stop in to train. New Mexico, Georgia, Michigan, and California to name a few of the states where athletes have come in to train. It was great to see our athletes getting after it. Whether they had just completed their season or if they are preparing for their upcoming seasons great work ethic was seen by all.

On the weightlifting side it was great to see two big Snatch PR’s tonight from two of our Junior Lifters. Cody King Snatched 130 kilos and Jake Mapes Snatched 115 kilos. Both are hitting their stride leading into the Junior Nationals at the end of the month. Their team mate Kaija Bramwell has also been hitting PRs. Kaija was selected to participate at the USA Weightlifting Youth Camp over the Holiday Break in Colorado Springs, CO. While there Kaija hit personal records in the snatch of 61 kilos and also in the Clean & Jerk of 81 kilos. Kaija is on pace to have a great Junior Nationals as well. Since Kaija has come to us she has seen a huge improvement in her lifting technique and approach to the sport.

Assistant Coach Craig Rintoul has been pushing his lifters with great success. Dan Summit look good tonight as he went after some big weights. As well as did Chase Verquer. Chase is a talented kid and sometimes I wish if he was able to have a little more training time what his lifts would be like.

As for many of our National Competitive Weightlifters they are heavily immersed in a higher volume phase of training that will take them to the 24 week mark leading into the National Championships.  Samantha Wright and Dillon Cassillas will hate me know but will thank me later for putting their bodies through this.  They have already surpassed my expectations for them at this point in the program.  As they continue to adapt physically and mentally with this phase of training they will come out on the other end stronger and more mentally tough then they have ever been.

All for now

Coach Joe