Performance One Weightlifter will try out for American Ninja Warrior

Sam Wright’s American Ninja Warrior Tryout Video

Performance One Weightlifter Samantha Wright was asked to tryout for the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior.  The casting directors contacted Performance One Head Coach Joe Micela regarding talented athletes.  Coach Micela suggested Sam because of her Lifting, Gymnastics, and Crossfit Background.  Here is Sam’s Audition Video.  Please Support Sam on this endeavor.

Jake Mapes Dead Lifting 160 kilos for 11 reps

2014 Junior National Weightlifting Bronze Medalist Jake Mapes hitting a Drop Set with 160 kilos for what was supposed to be 10 reps, but Jake got caught up in the moment and did one extra rep because he lost track as to where he was.  Is a very talented young lifter who Coach Micela expects big things from in the coming years.

160 kilo (352 lbs) Dead Lift for 11 Reps

Master’s Lifter David Meltzer having a great Saturday Lifting Session

Multiple National and World Medalist in the Master’s Division of Weightlifting.  David Meltzer had a very impressive lifting session on Saturday February 22nd, 2014.  David is training for the upcoming Senior National Championships in Shreveport, Louisiana.  David is also a Physic’s Education Professor at Arizona State University.

David Meltzer tearing it up

Saturday Fun Day

Performance One Weightlifter making light work of 170 kilo (374 lbs) in the Jerk on Saturday February 22, 2014.  This ties his previous Personal Record.

170 kilo Jerk by Joseph Wheaton

Friday Night Showcase with Cody King

Friday Night there was some amazing lifting by Cody King.  Here is just a few clips of why Cody will become the top Senior Heavyweight in the US in the very near future.


190 kilo Jerk from Behind the Neck Cody King

120 kilo Power Snatch from Above the Knee by Cody King

180 kilo Jerk from Behind the Neck Cody King

Throwback Thursday 2/20/14

Throwback Thursday: 2/20/14

Pac 10 Champs 96-97

Pac 10 Champs 96-97


We’re going all the way back to 1996-1997 College Wrestling Season where Coach Micela was a Junior at Arizona State University.  Coach Micela was part of the 1996-1997 PAC 10 Wrestling Championship Team for ASU.  There where many great Coaches and Athletes on that team.  Aaron Simpson, Casey Strand, Matt Suter, Mike Douglas, Danny Faqir, Joey Heckel, Shawn Ford, Tracy Brown,  Michael Kawamura, and Coach Joe Micela.  Head Coach Leroy Smith Assistant Coaches Zeke Jones,  Tim Gressley, and Volunteer Coach Kevin Jackson.  This was a very talented team with many athletes having phenomenal individual success.

It was this experience that pushed Coach Joe Micela into his Coaching Strength & Conditioning Career.  He is very thank for his College Wrestling Experience and looks to help the next generation of athlete succeed.

1996-1997 Pac 10 Champs

1996-1997 Pac 10 Champs


Former University of Penn Football Player still pushing it hard

University of Penn Football Player Eric Jett pushing it hard at the end of his second workout of  the day.  Eric is here back squatting 250 kilos for a set of 5 reps.  He is trained by Joe Micela

250 kilo Back Squat

The answer to the Question to the Day

The answer to yesterday’s video question was:

Full Video of 160 kilo

C) The Athlete Hits a Sticking Point and Drops the Bar.

This was a Personal Record Attempt for this athlete. His Maximum Front Squat is in the 160-165 range. When an athlete’s Front Squat and Clean are so closely related there is little room for error. We refer to these athletes as being very efficient, because they convert every bit of their strength into transferable effort into the Lift.

As opposed to an athlete that has a 240 kilo Front Squat and a 160 kilo Clean. This athlete would be considered less efficient. He would need more technical & coordination work in order to maximizes his existing strength levels. We see this a lot with strength athletes who come over to Weightlifting from other sports. (American Football, Track & Field)

The first athlete needs to work more on Base Strength. If he is able to increase his Strength. He has a higher probability that his Clean will go up.

Don’t always work on what your good at. Develop your non dominant areas.

Coach Joe

Question of the Day

What is the outcome of this lift?
A) The Athlete Successfully Stands UpB) The Athlete Passes out and drops the bar

C) The Athlete Hits a Sticking Point and drops the bar

D) The Athlete recovers and goes right into a Push Press

62 Kilo Lifter hits 120 Kilo Clean & Jerk

Dillon Casillas Clean & Jerks 120 kilo during Training on Friday February 14th, 2014.  Dillon is an upcoming 62 kilo Lifter who is setting his sights on the 2014 Senior National Championships.

120 kilo Clean & Jerk