Using the Olympic Lifts for the wrong reasons

Athletes and Coaches love to use the Olympic Lifts like the Snatch and Clean & Jerk to produce power and strength. They will quote research on how Weightlifters are the Strongest and most Powerful Athletes in the World but will only perform the movements once a week for 3-4 sets, 5-8 reps with 70-75% of 1 Repetition Max and only use the Power Version of the Lift.

This will not elicit the same benefits as an athlete performing the Full Movements 4-5 times a week for Multiple Sets (5-6) at a significant Percentage of Intensity >85% of Max.

If you are going to implement a new movement because it has shown to have great benefits please consult with a Professional Coach to make sure you are getting the most out of that movement from a Technical and a Programming Standpoint. Coach Joe Micela can assist you in this process.IMG_0968

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One picture can tell a Thousand Words:

One picture can tell a Thousand Words:

1525624_636950063033205_789237220_nThis is a picture of Nadezhda Evstyukhina from Russia doing a Clean Pull. Notice how she fully extends the lift. She keeps the bar extremely close to the body, not allowing any distance between herself and the bar. Horizontal Displacement of the Bar makes you inefficient. I would like to point out and is many times overlooked is what her Wrists are doing/not doing during this lift. At the top end of the pull, she does not Flex her wrist under her at full extension. This is a key concept that goes missed all the time by athletes and coaches when performing this movement. Athletes have a tendency not to give this exercise the Technical Attention it deserves.

When an athlete Flexes his/her Wrist at the top of a Pull it makes the movement Biomechanically Inefficient. There are several coaches that teach and encourage this method when performing Pulls and it is wrong. If you Flex the Wrist at the top of the movement you will create space between you and the bar. It will then change the trajectory of the bar, causing the bar to go out and away from you. Your Wrist & Forearm Muscles are not as strong as your Traps, Legs, and Back Muscles. Lastly, this method of Flexing the Wrist will take too much time causing a looping and crashing effect on your body, again do to poor mechanics making you inefficient.

Keep the Wrist straight as you pull then when you turn the bar over you will have a shorter range of motion, increased speed, and a more secured Final Position with the bar on your shoulders (Rack Position) allowing for a better Transition into the Jerk. Try this next time and every time you perform this movement. When coaching the sport of Weightlifting the more closer Technically the Assistance Exercises are to the actual Lift the better Transfer those movements will have into the Main Lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk).

Coach Joe Micela

Friday Night Great Lifting by Performance One Lifters


The night belonged to the ladies, two of our Youth Lifters performed very well in a meet like competition. All lifting was under the supervision of Head Coach Joe Micela. 12 year old Kylie Price Snatched 37 kilos and Clean & Jerked 45 kilos for a 82 kilo Total. 89 kilos was first place at last years Youth Nationals in the 48 kilo class with some more training she will be in range of the top girls.

Youth Pan Am Team Member Kaija Bramwell also had a very good day. Kaija hit a PR Snatch of 62 kilos, this is just 2 kilos under the current American Record of 64. In the Clean & Jerk, she made 78 kilos with a close miss at 81 kilos. 82 kilos is the current Youth American Record. Kaija is knocking on the door for all the Youth Records in the 53 kilo weight class.

Andrea Sieler had a really good day as well. Andi Snatched 66 kilos 1 kilo under her best. She made strong attempts at 69 kilos but it was just a little out of position on this day. Andi came back in the Clean & Jerk and hit a new Personal Record of 85 kilos. The Jerk was extremely solid. She took a couple cracks at 87 kilos but like the 69 in the Snatch they were just a little out of position. Andi works her butt off and it shows. Bigger and better weights are in her future.

Keep pushing it ladies Coach Micela is very proud.

Feature Friday

Coach Micela was the Team Manager for the US team at the 2010 World Weightlifting Championships in Antalya, Turkey.  He Coached two athletes on that team, Alex Lee and Sarah Robles.


2010 World Weightlifting Championships Men’s 105 Kilo A Session

Throwback Thursday 3/20/14


Coach Micela was the Team Manager on the 2010 World Weightlifting Championship Team.  He had two personal athletes on the Team.  Alex Lee (62 kilos) and Sarah Robles (75+)  He filmed most of the A Sessions.  Here is the 94 kilo Men’s A Session.

94 kilo A Session 2010 World Weightlifting Championships

Youth Pan American Championships have been changed to Lima, Peru

2014 Youth Pan Am

The 2014 Youth Pan Am Weightlifting Championships have been changed to the Lima, Peru.  They were moved from Chiclayo to Lima by the IWF.  This is a better change do to the fact that there are more direct flights to Lima from the US.  Performance One Weightlifting will have one athlete on this team.  Kaija Bramwell of Mesa, Arizona.

Big Man Dead Lifts 300 kilos (660 lb) for 2 reps

Eric Jett Dead Lifting 300 kilos (660 lb) for 2 reps at the end of his second workout of the day.  Eric is training toward a 350 kilo (770 lb) Dead Lift.

300 kilos for 2

Congratulations to Para Olympian Oksana Masters

Congratulations to Para Olympian Oksana Masters for winning the US’s first medal of this years Para Olympics. Coach Micela was privileged enough to meet Oksana back in the fall of 2012 at the White House’s appreciation event for the 2012 Olympic Team. He was selected to represent the USA Olympic Weightlifting Team’s Coaching Staff at the event.
As a double amputee Oksana has participated in both the Winter and Summer Games. She is truly an amazing athlete.


Throw Back Thursday 3/13/14

Throw Back Thursday: 2003 World Weightlifting Championships 105 Men’s A Session filmed by Joe Micela. Some great lifters in this group.

2003 World Weightlifting Championships 105 kilo A Session