53 kilo Women’s A Session from the 2014 Youth Pan American Weightlifting Championships

Performance One Weightlifter Kaija Bramwell lifting in the 2014 Youth Pan American Weightlifting Championships.  Kaija placed 2nd Overall in the 53 kilo weight class and broke three American Records.


Youth Pan American Weightlifting Championships 53 kilo Women’s A Session

Top Youth Lifters getting into form for Youth Nationals

Kylie Price sequenceYouth Lifter Kylie Price showing off her positions during a Personal Record Snatch of 41 kilos.  Kylie is gearing up for the Youth Nationals in Daytona, Florida in June.

Receiving Position in the Clean must be Smooth

Here is a picture of Cody King’s receiving position from his 170 kilo Clean & Jerk.  Catch at the highest point and ride the bar down.  The “Catch of the bar should be smooth with no “Crashing” on the body.  This is accomplished with drill after drill with lighter weights.  Feel and timing for the bar should never be sacrificed in favor for heavier weights.  Take your time to warm up, and if it does not feel right technically perform more warm ups.  You are training a groove/movement pattern. This is not just about getting a pump or getting work done for the sake of getting it done.  Establish quality of movement in order to benefit later in Competition when everything needs to be perfect. That’s what separates our program from many other programs out there today.

Cody Receiving 170 very high

Youth & Junior Lifters Hit Personal Records in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

Youth lifter Kylie Price hit a Personal Record in the Snatch on Saturday.  She made 41 kilos which was a 2 kilo improvement from her previous best.  She is getting closer to her goal of 45 kilos by the Youth Nationals.  Kylie is Arizona’s top Youth 48 kilo lifter.  Junior Lifter Jake Mapes made a 10 kilo improvement in the Clean & Jerk on Friday with 160 kilos.  Jake is the 2014 Junior National Bronze Medalist in the 94 kilo Class.  He is gearing up for the University Nationals in September.  His teammate Cody King, also a Junior lifter, made a 10 kilo improvement as well in the Clean & Jerk.  Cody ended the day with a 170 kilos.  Cody was the 2014 Junior National Silver Medalist in the 105+ kilo weight class.  Cody is also training for the University Nationals in September.


Kylie Price

41 kilo Snatch by Kylie Price

Jake Mapes

160 kilo Clean & Jerk

Cody King

170 kilos by Cody King

Tip of the Day by Coach Joe Micela

Receiving position must be learned and developed. No matter what the age of the athlete. Confidence and understanding of the bottom position early in training will lead to success down the road.IMG_4723

Kaija Bramwell interviewed by ABC News

2014 Youth Pan American Silver Medalist Kaija Bramwell was greeted at Sky Harbor International Airport on Tuesday by ABC 15 News.


ABC News interview with Kaija Bramwell

Eric Jett 155 Kilo Clean (Full Extension)

Testimonial Tuesday by Athlete Eric Jett

Testimonial Tuesday comes from our athlete Eric Jett.  He talks about all the reasons he comes to Performance One.  He says, “I first came to Performance One to attend a USAW seminar that Coach Joe was putting on. I had just moved to the Valley, and was looking for a gym as well. Coming from a strength athletics background including powerlifting and strongman, I knew what I was looking for in a place to train. I needed a place with a ton of plates that didn’t mind me dropping them every now and again. The second I walked into the seminar, I knew Performance One was the place for me. I mean, bumper plates everywhere, shouting is encouraged, this is my kind of place! And while I was deadset that I was a strongman/powerlifter, I knew my weightlifting game needed to be stepped up. I knew there wasn’t a better place to do that than Performance One, under the tutelage under a coach like Joe Micela, who has taken athletes to the Olympics. And I was right! Coaches Joe and Craig have helped me tremendously. With their coaching, I have learned the nuances of weightlifting. How to set the back, drive with the legs, how to feel the bar in your hands; all things I thought I knew, but they taught me how little I actually knew. The intricate plan Joe developed specifically for me has helped increase my lifts every time we test. My squat has gone from around 270kg to nearly 300kg in the time I’ve been training at Performance One, my clean and jerk has gone up 20kg, and my snatch has improved by around 30kg. These are improvements I could not see if I was trying to do this by myself. Speaking of “by myself,” you’ll notice at Performance One that the atmosphere is a little different. All the athletes are very encouraging, cheering you on for a big lift, ready to pick you up and give you advice after a missed lift, even video an attempt so you can analyze it later. This is something you definitely won’t see anywhere else. Really the only bad thing about Performance One is that Joe is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. 🙂 lol All of this together make Performance One THE place to train in the Valley.” We appreciate Eric and his honesty.   Eric Jett 155 kilo Clean Eric Jett 155 kilos Above the Knee Eric Jett 155 kilos Below the Knee Eric Jett 155 kilos Full Extension (Side View0