Performance One Weightlifting Club Newsletter

Set a Goal and Go for it!

Coach Joe Micela made a New Years Goal for his business Performance One Advanced Sports Training. Coach Micela’s goal for the year of 2014 is to have at least one person medal at every competition… and thus far Performance One athletes are meeting this goal.

Numerous athletes are continuously training, meeting personal goals, reaching personal records, competing, and medalling. Performance One Weightlifting Club athletes are winning medals at Local, State, National, and International competitions.  We are so very proud of all our Performance One athletes and their accomplishments.

When you set a goal for yourself…Go for it!

Upcoming Event: Senior Nationals in Salt Lake City

We have a number of Athletes that are heading to the 2014 Senior Nationals in July. Some of them have a shot at medalling!  The athletes attending are: Samantha Wright, Missy Faubus, Dillon Casillas, James Ellis, Blake Edwards, and Jake Mapes.  As a team, Performance One athletes and their Coach Joe Micela have been traveling a ton this year. If you would like to make a donation to the Performance One Weighlifting Club to help with travel expenses you can do so at:

Coach Joe with two female Performance One athletes: Kylie Price and Halli Hoopes.  Both girls competed at the Youth Nationals in Florida at Daytona Beach. Halli placed 4th overall and Kylie took 2nd in the Snatch, C&J, and Overall.
A large group of athletes competed in the Flagstaff Weightlifting Open.  All three female lifters (Alana, Jenny, and Brooke) are from Performance One and all medalled. Coach Rintoul helped coach at the meet.
Blake Edwards of Performance One Weightlifting Club brings home the Gold.
Dillon Casillas of Performance One Weightlifting Club brings home a 1st place medal
Samantha Wright of Performance One brings home medals from the American Open
Missy Faubus of Performance One brings home a medal from the American Open
Coach Joe with his athlete and Youth American Record Holder, Kaija Bramwell at Youth Nationals.  Kaija placed 1st in the Snatch, C&J, and Overall!
Cody King and Ted Polzin of Performance One Weightliftng Club bring home medals!
Jake Mapes and Travis Hyde of Performance One Weightlifting Club both medalled!
Joel Barnett of Performance One medalled at the Senior Pan American Championships in Toronto, Canada
David Meltzer of Performance One Weightlifting Club brings home a 1st place medal at the Senior Pan American Championships

Performance One Master’s Lifters bring home some Medals

105 kilo Weightlifter David Meltzer won the Gold Medal in the 60-65 year old age division at the 2014 Master’s Pan American Championships in Toronto, Canada.  An ASU Physics Education Professor by day, David Snatched 84 kilos and Clean & Jerked 111 for the Gold Medal.   David’s teammate at Performance One Joel Barnett also brought home some hardware.  Joel competed in his first international competition and looked like a Pro.  Despite some technical difficulties on the officiating side Joel kept his composure and battled through.  He snatched 73 kilos and Clean & Jerked 84 kilos to take home the Bronze Medal.  We are very proud of both lifters.  They have trained extremely hard for this event and we can see bigger lifts in the coming future.

Here the video’s of David’s lifts.  Joel will be coming soon.

David Meltzer’s 1st Attempt in the Snatch 80 kilos

David Meltzer’s Second Attempt at 84 kilos

David Meltzer’s 1st Attempt at 105 kilos in the Clean & Jerk

David Meltzer’s 3rd Attempt in the Clean & Jerk at 111 for the Gold Medal

David Meltzer’s Victory Ceremony

Good Friday Evening Session at Performance One for our Weightlifters

Friday June 20th, 2014 was a good day for our Performance One Weightlifters.  Here is a three video sequence of Junior Lifter Jake Mapes going after 170 kilos in the Clean & Jerk.  This was the second training session of the day.  In the morning session Jake hit a new Personal Record in the Snatch with 125 kilos with three very close misses at 130 kilos.  In the Afternoon, it was Clean & Jerk time.  His warm up progression was as follows:

70 kilos x 2

70 kilos x 2

100 kilos x 2

120 kilos x 2

140 kilos x 1

150 kilos x 1

157 kilos x 1

164 kilos x 1

170 kilos x 1 (Miss)

170 kilos x 1 (Miss)

170 kilos x 1 (Make)

150 kilos x 2 (Cleans only)


170 kilo 1st Attempt

170 kilo Second Attempt

170 kilo 3rd Attempt by Jake Mapes (Good Lift)

Master’s Pan American Championships

This weekend is the Masters Pan American Championships that will be held in Toronto, Canada. We have two athletes from Performance One who will be lifting. David Meltzer will be competing in the 105 kg weight class and Joel Barnett will be competing in the 69 kg weight class. We are unsure if there will be an online live stream but we will keep everyone posted on that as well as results.

Great Team Performance from our Weightlifters

Performance One Weightlifters participated in the Flagstaff Open on Saturday June 7th, 2014.  It was a mix of young and experienced Weightlifters.

Brooke Shumway 6 for 6 and 3 New PRs not bad for a Youth Lifter
Alana Anthony Second Meet and improving
Jenny Hughes-Clouse First meet and very talented
Ted Polzin First Meet and seeing what it’s all about
Dillon Casillas sharpening skills for Nationals
Kyle Schmidt sharpening skills for University Nationals
Travis Hyde sharpening skills for University Nationals
Blake Edwards sharpening skills for Nationals & University Nationals
Jake Mapes sharpening skills for Senior Nationals & University Nationals
Cody King sharpening skills for University Nationals
Eric Jett sharpening skills for University Nationals
James Ellis sharpening skills for Senior Nationals
I was not able to be there do to a personal matter, but Performance One Assistant Coach Craig Rintoul guided the team through this meet. This was Coach Rintoul’s largest group that he has ever had to coach at a meet. Coach Craig did a great job. He is slowly earning his competition coaching hat.
Flagstaff has had a long history of involvement with the Sport of Weightlifting in Arizona. We are very happy that Joel and his Club are continuing this tradition of both development and support for the Weightlifting community in the high country. We look forward to attending more events up there.

Athlete Spotlight: Grant Gale

Colorado School of Mines Football Player Grant Gale.
Grant recently graduated from Highland High School in Gilbert, Arizona. He has only been with us a few weeks but in that time he has shown a great desire to succeed in our program. Quickly he has learned that the Football Summer Strength & Conditioning Program here at Performance One is not an easy one. If you put the work in nothing else will seem tough. Welcome Grant keep pushing it and when you leave for camp later this summer you will knock someone’s head off.

Coach Joe

Set your Back!

Take your time to get “Set”. Position Strength off the floor will determine if you will be successful 95% of the time. Position Strength takes Muscle Density. Muscle Density must be developed over years, not days, of training the proper muscle groups over and over again. This muscular control can not be rushed with a Fast Food Mentality of Coaching. In our programs it may take an athlete 6-12 weeks before he/she is allowed to lift from the floor. It will all depend on their ability to hold their “Set Position”. Sacrifice a little now for big gains down the road.

Strength to Hold Position, Strength to Move through Position.

Eric Jett 155 kilos Below the Knee

Congrats to the US Pan American Team

Congratulations to the all the US Pan American Medalist and participants. Winning a Medal in International Competition is what it’s all about. Coach Joe Micela has been the Head Coach for two Pan American Women’s Team and assisted on several more. He has coached in South America many many times and knows how tough the conditions can be on our US Lifters. The Pan Ams is a great stepping stone for our athletes to prepare for the Senior World Championships. Each event gets bigger and with more pressure. Remember these experiences and the things that you went through as they prepare you for your ultimate goal of medaling at the Worlds and Olympics.