19 year old Snatches 157 kilos in Training

157 kilo Snatch

Junior Lifter Cody King Snatches 157 kilo in training.  This is 8 kilos up from his 145 kilos that he did at the 2014 University Nationals where he won the Gold Medal.  Cody is training hard to become the best super heavyweight in the Country.  He is showing each and every workout that he has what it takes to grow into one of the top lifters.  He is young and still very new to the sport with time he will become the best in the Nation.

Life will either buck you off or take you for the ride of your life!

Motivational Monday


Life will either Buck you Off or Take you for the Ride of your Life!


Dig your heels in, Hold on tight, and Go for It!!!

NBC Sports to Broadcast from Performance One on Saturday Nov 22nd, 2014

Free Day to Train at Performance One

This Saturday Zig Ziegler with “Fitness from the Ground Up” Radio Show on 1060 AM will be broadcasting their show live from Performance One Advanced Sports Training from 12-2 pm.

Zig and his staff will also being doing some Gait Analysis and Human Movement Assessments geared to helping athletes improve their Running Mechanics. This will be done after the show from 2-4 pm. Coach Micela will be on air with Zig talking about Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning for all Sports, and his experiences at the 2012 Olympics.

Performance One Weightlifters will be offering free Weightlifting Lessons to all whom stop by. 11 am – 4 pm.

Come spend this Saturday with “Fitness from the Ground Up’s Zig Zieler and Performance One’s Head Coach Joe Micela.


Fitness from the Ground Up

19 year old Back Squats 572 lbs in Training

19 year old Cody King Back Squats 260 kilos (572 lbs) in Training on Tuesday Nov 18th, 2014.  This was a 10 kilo Personal Record for him.  We have set a Goal of 273 kilos (600 lbs) before February for Cody.  I believe with the consistent training he will go after it.

Back Squat 260 kilos

Junior Lifter Snatches 152 kilos

2014 College National Champion Cody King snatches 152 kilos in training as he prepares for the American Open Weightlifting Championships.

152 kilo Snatch

Junior Lifter Clean & Jerks 182 kilo

Junior Lifter Cody King Clean & Jerks 182 kilos in Training.

182 kilo Clean & Jerk

Cody is quickly showing good form and the promise that we all knew he possessed.  With more time and technical refinement he can position himself to be one of the top heavyweights in the near future.

Performance One Weightlifters participate in a Go Fund Me Campaign


These are your local Arizona Olympic hopefuls!
At Performance One with Coach Joe Micela we are proud to have had an athlete medal in every national and international competition in the past year! Yes, Amazing! Now we hope to continue this awesome streak, and could use your help so our lifters can realize their dreams! Joe Micela was a 2012 Olympic coach, also coached in the World and Pan American championships.

First up, in December we have the American Open Championships in Washington D.C. In contention we have lifters, Craig Rintoul, Samantha Wright, Cody King and Kaija Bramwell. Along with our metal hopes Kaija Bramwell and Cody King are both attempting American records.

In Feburary we have the Junior National Championships in Oklahoma City. Competing are Jake Mapes and Kaija Bramwell. Along with the national titles Jake and Kaija are top contenders for the Junior World Championship Team. That competition will be in Poland.

So as you can see our Dreams are big and our plate is full. Our lifters and coaches work countless hours and hope to LIFT their way to the Top!

We appreciate your help and consideration..

Performance One Weightlifting Go Fund Me Campaign

2014 World Weightlifting Championships 62 kilo Men’s A Session Video

Here is the link to the 2014 World Weightlifting Championships 62 kilo Men’s A Session.  Complete Snatch and Clean & Jerk video.  Enjoy!


2014 World Weightlifting Championships 62 Kilo Men’s A Session

The importance of a Coaching Cue

In this video you will see Youth Lifter Annie Huynh combining for the first time the Clean & Push Jerk.  Up to this point she has not performed the two exercises in conjunction they have always been performed separate.  In the first repetition she shows solid form.  During the second repetition she loses control on the Push Jerk during the dip, causing her to push the bar out and away from her body.  After a brief coaching cue by Head Coach Joe Micela, she comes back on the third repetition and corrects her mistake.

Clean & Push Jerk

She succeeds in a better execution of the lift because she was able to take the coaching cue from her coach and apply it to the already understood technique that she was previously taught.  Using the right set of coaching commands at the right time will allow the athlete to better develop their overall motor pattern/understanding of the exercise.  Knowing “What to say”, and “What not to say”, are also very critical for the success of the athlete.

Picking 1-2 things that the athlete is doing incorrectly and allow them to work on those few issues separately are key.  If the athlete is making five or more mistakes.  Telling him or her about all five mistakes at once will probably confuse the athlete.  You can over coach an athlete by giving he or she too much feedback at any one time.  This will cause them to over think the movement not allowing them to react to position that they have been drilling.  The Olympic Lifts move at such high speeds.  Athletes do not have time to think about every little inch that the barbell will be traveling.  They have to Read and React.  This will increase the neural response of their muscle to the weight on the bar.

Coach Joe


Junior Lifter Front Squats 170 kilos (374 lbs) for 4 reps

Top Arizona 94 kilo Junior Weightlifter, Jake Mapes, shows how a Drop Set at 170 kilos should look.  Easy!  A Drop Set is a post set after your designated Work Sets.  Work Sets are your target sets for the day.  Planned by the Coach and can be from a range of 1-8 sets at an escalating percentages or a set at a fixed percentage throughout.  The Drop Set will be anywhere from 1 to 5 sets with a decrease in intensity from the your Work Set(s).  Drop sets can be in a descending percentage format or one drop at a fixed lower percentage similarly to your Work Sets.

We use Drop Sets to increase Speed, add Volume, and build Mental Toughness.  Jake worked up to three heavy singes in the Front Squat for  his Works Sets with 190, 195, & 200 kilos.  At the conclusion of his Work Sets he dropped down to 170 kilos for a set of 4 repetitions.  The Front Squat is a great exercise for Weightlifters and has a high correlation to the Clean.  Exercises that can transfer directly into your Primary Lifts should be a primary focus in your program especially in the Competition Phase of Training.

Under Coach Micela’s Program, as an athletes progress in their development as a Weightlifter, they  will rely more and more on the Front Squat as compared to Back Squats as a primary Strength Exercise.  Jake is hungry and training hard for the 2015 Junior National Championships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

170 kilo Front Squat