Up and Coming Junior Lifter

Up and coming Junior 75+ kilo Lifter Becky Walker Snatching an easy 68 kilo Snatch on her third attempt in her Second Competition.  She is showing great promise with each and every training session and competition that she enters.  She went on to Clean and Jerk 80, 85, & 90 kilos.  This was the Second Time finishing 6 for 6 in her early Competition depute.

Becky Walker 68 kilo Snatch

Coach Micela asked to Commentated during the 2015 Junior National Weightlifting Championships

Coach Joe Micela has been asked to commentate during the 2015 Junior National Weightlifting Championships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Coach Joe will be apart of the 69 kilo Men’s A Session on Friday Night at 6:30 PM Oklahoma Time (4:30 PM Arizona Time).


Tune in and tweet your questions and comments during the session to Coach Joe at his Twitter Account @performanceone_one

Tuesday Athlete Recognition: Jenny Clouse

Athlete Recognition: Jenny Clouse

Sport: Weightlifting

Coach Joe first met Jenny in his Mesa Community College Weightlifting Class. Jenny comes from a Crossfit background and wanted to improve her technique with her Olympic Weightlifting. She was refereed to the class by several of her friends and colleagues at Crossfit Preferred. Many of the Valleys Crossfit Instructors have taken Coach Micela’s Class at MCC and/or have come to his Gym in Mesa.

Jenny excelled in Coach Micela’s Class and has since joined him at the Performance One facility for a more individualized programing. She has since competed several times on the local level and this April will compete at her first National Competition in the Sport of Weightlifting. Jenny brings a positive attitude and great enthusiasm to the gym each and every workout. Her lifting numbers have moved up and up and she currently stands as one of the top five women in her age and weight class in the country. Congratulations Jenny keep up all the hard work!T