2015 Olympic Day at Performance One Advanced Sports Training

2015 Olympic Day at Performance One is coming up June 20th! This event is open to the public and anyone who is interested in learning about the sport. There will be athlete demonstrations, meeting and greeting, and a try-out for free training. We are looking for someone that has potential to do well in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. For example a youth athlete could possibly win over a senior athlete. Age, gender, and body weight are things that will be considered in the selection process.


If you want to try out email Cody King at cody.performanceone@gmail.com or call 480-813-5477 it is free.

Looking forward to seeing you at Olympic Day!

Tentative Schedule:
9:00AM-12:00PM Athlete demonstrations of the Olympic Weightlifting movements.
12:00PM-1:00PM Meet and greet with the athletes and answer any questions.
1:00PM-4:00PM Athlete try-out for up to 3 months of Free Training at Performance One Advanced Sports Training.

Try out will include:

  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • 40 meter sprint
  • Bar Progressions of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk
  • Max Front Squat
  • Psychological Testing


Olympic Day

Performance One Athlete Sarah Black wins the 2015 World Jiujitsu Championships.

Congrats to Performance One Athlete Sarah Black for winning the Jiujitsu World Championships. She is Coached by top Brazilian Jiujitsu Coach Gustavo Dantas. Sarah trained extremely hard for this World Championship. We are happy to help her with her Strength & Conditioning.  Sarah knows that training for Power & Strength have benefited her Jiujitsu game.  Congrats Sarah!

Sarah Black 2015 World Jiujitsu Champ

Youth National Champion, American Record Holder, & Junior World Team Member

Youth National Champion Kaija Bramwell hitting a very nice 65 kilo Power Snatch at the Olympic Training Center back in the December of 2014.  Coach Joe Micela was present at the camp to work with all the top Youth & Junior Lifters in the United States.

Youth National Champion Sydney Goad showing how to Power Jerk

Daughter of 2000 Olympian Robin Goad, Sydney Goad is here showing how to properly perform a Power Jerk.  She is a 48 kilo Youth National Champion.  Straight 4 inch dip, drive up to full extension and then quick drop & punch under the bar.  Your feet should move out and down, never forward or backward in excess.

Power Cleans to Clean Ratio

Coffee’s Gym Weightlifter and Junior National Silver Medalist Michael Hunt is here Power Cleaning 130 kilos at the USA Weightlifting Youth and Junior Squat Camp over the Christmas Holidays. Michael went on to Clean & Jerk 150 kilos several days later. For most male lifters the split between their Power and Full Lift is 20-25 kilos. If this ratio is to close together (10 kilos) more strength is needed. If the ratio is to far (>30 kilo) you need more speed and technical work in the lifts.

For girls the ratio is smaller 10-15 kilos. Women usually need more strength development as compared to men. Technically women are better lifters then men for the most part.

Female Junior Lifter Front Squats 115 kilos (255 lbs)

Junior Lifter Becky Walker hitting a 5 kilo Personal Record in the Front Squat with 115 kilos (255 lbs).  Becky won the 2015 Arizona State Weightlifting Championships in the 75+ kilo weight class.  She is very talented and working hard to win a medal at the University National Championships and the Junior National Weightlifting Championships.  Great job Becky!

Horizon High School Senior Linebacker John Nolan Power Cleaning 120 kilos

Senior Linebacker for Horizon High School John Nolan Power Cleaning a routine 120 kilos (264 lbs) during his training session at Performance One.

Performance One Speed and Conditioning Camp

Do you want to become a better athlete or prepare yourself to move on to the next level of your sport? Take it to the next level with Performance One Speed and Conditioning Camp.

We use the latest proven scientific and applied principles in the field of strength and conditioning preparing our athletes to compete at the top of their sport. Throughout the years our Speed Program has shown strong results; we have developed athletes who have gone on to compete at the Division One and Professional level.

2012 Olympic Coach Joe Micela will be coaching the camp and using his Performance One Method to enhance your:

40-Yard Dash Time
Sprint Running Mechanics
First Step Explosiveness
Lateral Speed

(Only 15 are allowed per session)
June 1st-June 26th (4 weeks)
• 3 days a week
o Monday, Wednesday, Friday
o Time: 7AM-9AM
o Price $300 12 sessions
• 2 days a week
o Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Friday
o 7AM-9AM
o $260 8 sessions
June 29th-July24th (4weeks)
• 3 days a week
o M/W/F
o 7AM-9AM
o $300 12 sessions
• 2 days a week,
o TU/TH or M/W or W/F
o 7AM-9AM
o $260 8 Sessions
For both months 8 Weeks
• 3 days a week 24 Sessions $550
• 2 days a week 16 Sessions $500

To register call Cody King at 480-813-5477 or email: cody.performanceone@gmail.com

Results from The 2015 NobodyCaresGoHarder.com Arizona State Weightlifting Championships

Below is a link with all of the results from competition. We would like to thank the volunteers, competitors, spectators, and all of our sponsors that made this meet possible including NobodyCaresGoHarder.com, MyOatmeal.com, Serrano & Kyger Orthodontics, Atomic Strength Nutrition, Kill Cliff, RockTape, Blount Contracting, Performance One, Electronic Responsible Recyclers, Orthopedic Sports Performance Institute, One Stop Nutrition, and The Pen & Barbell.

Click on the link below to view the results of the State Championships.



2015 NCGH Arizona State Weightlifting Championships

Performance One and Nobody Cares Go Harder released a press release today about The Arizona State Weightlifting Championships. Posted in link below:

2015 Nobody Cares Go Harder Arizona State Weightlifting Championships PRESS RELEASE