Cody King 140 & 145 kilo Snatch

Cody King coming around after a long layoff from lifting heavy weights.  Here Cody is Snatching 140 and 145 kilos with control and efficiency.  He is learning about applying the right force for the right weight.  Step by step we are approaching bigger and bigger weights.


2015 Youth National Weightlifting Championships was a success

Recap from this past Weekend 2015 Youth National USA Weightlifting Championships. First off congratulations must be given to all the staff at Team Minnesota whom put on a great meet. This was the largest meet to date in the history of USAW and the Local Organizers handled it with care and efficiency. Congrats to Halli Hoopes for coming home with Silver medals in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Total. Halli is one of my Distant Coaching Athletes. She has shown tremendous growth over the past year and I am very happy to work with her and her Coach Blake Hoopes her Dad. Halli lives in Wyoming and through my program and her Dad’s love and dedication she has been able to excel. We are very excited for the future. She trains harder then most athletes twice her age. Keep up the hard work Halli.

Next up was Kylie Price. Kylie finished 6th in a very competitive 58 kilo weight class,14-15 year old age division. Last year Kylie placed second in the 48 kilo 13 & Under Division. She took some time off to pursue Competitive Bar Racing and only came back to Weightlifting back in the early part of May. Over the six weeks of training leading into this meet. She worked extremely hard and made huge strides improving her Total from last year by 19 kilos. With more training Kylie can be pushing the top girls in this class within a year. She will be training hard to make the Junior National Total as a Youth lifter for 2016. Keep it up girl.

We are very proud of these girls and know that with our younger group of lifters we will continue to grow our program to have more athletes for next years competition.


Olympic Day Try Out Winners!



Here are the winners of the Olympic Day Try Out! These three athletes showed us that they have the skills to potentially be successful weightlifters.


On the left side of the photo is Desert Ridge Football player Khristopher Broom. Khris vertical jumped 32.5 inches, broad jumped 9’4”, and ran 20 meters in 3.2 seconds. Khris scored the highest in those three tests and he is 17 years old. In the bar progressions he moved with the bar fairly well, with some coaching we believe that he can become proficient in the movements because of his overall athleticism.


In the middle is Dennis Tan. Dennis is only 16 years old and has had some weightlifting experience in the past lifting at the Arizona State Weightlifting Championships. In our tests he was rated very high in strength and flexibility. His raw strength shined when at the end of the try out he front squatted 190kg (418 pounds) at 102kg bodyweight very easily with good position.


On the right is Jared Clouse. Jared is 15 years old weighing 54kg. He performed well in all of our tests but where Jared stood out was the bar progressions. Jared moved the bar with great position, speed, and athleticism. His impressive flexibility made it easy for him to perform every movement that was taught to him. At the end of the try out he front squatted 75kg.


Congratulations to these athletes that won 3 free months of training! We are excited to train these athletes and see how they progress. Thank you to everyone that competed; there were many talented athletes.

13 year Old Girl Power Cleans & Jerks 55 kilos

13 year old Kylie Price Power Cleaning and Jerking 55 kilos for a New Personal Record.  Kylie was the 2014 Youth National Weightlifting Runner Up in the 48 kilo Weight Class in the 13 & Under Division.  She is very talented and improves very quickly.  We wish her the best as she trains for the 2015 Youth National Weightlifting Championships.

Master’s Weightlifter Jenny Clouse ties her PR and then Breaks it

Master’s Weightlifter Jenny Clouse is shown here Snatching 55 & 58 kilos in subsequent lifts.  We compared them to show how consistent her technique is with lifts of 100% & 105% of her Best Snatch.  Jenny has be working extremely hard at Weightlifting and back in April of 2015 she won the Bronze Medal in the 58 kilo 40-44 year old age division.  She is showing great promise and wants that National Master’s Title.  With this lift she has put on 8 kilos unto her Snatch since Master’s Nationals.  Keep it up Jenny!

Crossfiter/Weightlifter Audree Lawrence hits a new Personal Record

Crossfitter/Weightlifter/Spartan Race Participant Audree Lawrence Cleaning and Jerking a New Personal Record of 80 kilos during her Thursday Training Session at Performance One.  She came to Coach Micela to improve her Weightlifting Technique and to see if she can push it in the sport of Weightlifting.  Keep it up Audree.

Throw Back Thursday 2013 Pan American Weightlifting Championships

Throwback Thursday to 2013 Pan American Weightlifting Championships.  Brazilian Weightlifter Fernando Reis Clean & Jerking 227 kilos for the Gold Medal in the 105+ kilo weight class.  Coach Micela as had the privilege of getting to know Fernando and his family over the years.  He is aggressively preparing for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada.

Saturday is Olympic Day at Performance One

Olympic Day at Performance One is tomorrow! Come meet and watch National Level weightlifters, 2012 Olympic Coach Joe Micela, and 2008 Olympian Track Athlete Mechelle Freeman. The athlete demonstrations start at 9:00AM.
If you are competing in the try out for 3 free months of training, today is the last day to send in paperwork. Email Cody King at to register. Athletes please arrive no later than 12:45PM. Looking forward to seeing you all at Olympic Day!Olympic Day

Who has the fastest Power Snatch?

Athlete A, the person on the far left

Athlete B, the person in the middle

Athlete C, the person on the right

We use timed competitive drills like this one challenge each athlete mentally and physically.  It is another form of competition that I am looking for to see who is competitive and rises to the task at hand and who is not.  All three athletes are lifting 88% of their best Power Snatch.

The Girls are cranking it at Performance One

Performance One Female Weightlifters were cranking it today in training.  Master’s Lifter Jenny Clouse was on fire today Hitting Personal Records in the Jerk Recovery with 100 kilos, Jerk with 75 kilos and Clean for a triple with 70 & 75 kilos.  Up and coming lifter Audree Lawrence also wanted to show off her skills by hitting Doubles with 75 kilos in the Jerk.  She also hit a Personal Record in the Clean with a Double at 80 & 83 kilos.  Emily Lilo also showed that she was in on the action hitting Heavy Clean & Jerks with 90 kilos for multiple sets then performing heavy Clean Pulls with 120 & 125 kilos for a double.   Keep it up Ladies!