Technique Tuesday: Power Clean and Squat Jerk

Technique Tuesday:  Power Clean and Squat Jerk

Here 2014 Youth National Silver Medalist Kylie Price showing how to properly perform the Power Clean and Squat Jerk Exercise.  At Performance One Advanced Sports Training we use this exercise to work on several different athletic concepts.  The Power Clean is used to work on an aggressive extension of the body and quick turnover of the elbows.  The Squat Jerk is used to work on vertical position, strengthening the upper back, and shoulder and hip flexibility.  Kylie does a great job demonstrating all of these attributes that Coach Micela wants to see out of all his athletes.  She is using 55 kilos at the time of this video Kylie’s best Clean and Jerk was 65 kilos.

80 kilo Jerk by Master’s Lifter Jenny Clouse

Master’s American Open Champion Jenny Clouse Jerking 80 kilos during her Saturday Training Session.  She is training hard for the Master’s Senior National Championships.  Jenny competes in the 58 kilo class.

Sarah Black will compete at the European IBJJ Championships


We want to wish Performance One Athlete Sarah Black good luck as she competes this weekend at the International Brazilian Jiujitsu European Championships in Lisbon, Portugal. Sara will compete Saturday in the Open class and Sunday in her Division.

Sarah has been training hard with her Coach Gustavo Dantas and in our Strength and Conditioning Program. We wish her all the best as she continues her journey at being the Best Jiujitsu Grappler in the World.

Youth Lifter Snatches 64 kilos

Youth Lifter Jared Clouse Santches 64 kilos for a New Personal Record the day before his 16th Birthday.  Jared weighs around 62 kilos.  Great job Jared keep it up!

Wrestling Metabolic Conditioning Drill

Grand Canyon State University Wrestler Trey Ronayne is performing one of many Metabolic Conditioning Circuits during his training for the upcoming Wrestling Season.  Wrestlers need a balance of Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Cardiovascular Conditioning in order to meet the demands of a College Wrestling Match.

Female Junior Lifter Snatches 80 kilos

Arizona’s top +75 kilo Junior Lifter Becky Walker Snatched 80 kilos during a training session over the Winter Break.  She is one of the top 5 Junior +75 kilo lifters in the Country.  She is training hard for the Junior National Weightlifting Championships in Pennsylvania next month.

15 year old Youth Lifters Jerks 90 kilos

Highland High School Sophomore Isaac Young Jerked 90 kilos during his Friday afternoon training session at Performance One Advanced Sports Training.  Isaac is a Youth lifter in his first year of training in the sport of Weightlifting.  He is training hard to make to the Youth Nationals in 2016.  Keep up the hard work Isaac.

75 kilo Power Clean

150 kilo Jerk by Former High School Wrestling State Champion

Former High School Wrestling State Champion for Arizona Christiaan Allen came home for the Holidays where it all started for him at Performance One Advanced Sports Training under Coach Joe Micela.  Christiaan Allen also was a USAW Youth National Silver Medalist.  He is training hard for the Senior National Weightlifting Championships.  He is attending college at BYU in Utah and once to become a doctor.