Great coaches unit at the National Junior Championships


Performance One Owner/Head Coach Joe Micela, top IWF Category I Referee Joe Triolo, and Lindenwood University Head Coach Jianping Ma at the 2016 National Junior Weightlifting Championships.

85 kilo Power Clean from Above the Knee on Blocks

Morgan Huppenthal hit another Personal Record after her 80 kilo Power Clean and Push Jerk.  She made this 85 kilos look extremely easy as well.  She did not attempt the Push Jerk but it is around the corner.  Good job Morgan!

Morgan Huppenthal Power Cleans and Push Jerks 80 kilos from Above the Knee on Blocks

Morgan Huppenthal Power Cleans and Push Jerks 80 kilos from Above the Knee on Blocks.  This lift was a New Personal Record for Morgan.  Keep it up Morgan!

Master’s Lifter Jenny Clouse Clean and Jerks 80 kilos

Master’s Lifters Jenny Clouse Clean and Jerks 80 kilos on 2/25/16 during training.  This was a New Personal Record for Jenny at the time.  Way to go Jenny!  Keep up all the hard work.  She is training for the 2016 Master National Weightlifting Championships in Savannah, Georgia in April.

Coach Joe Micela on NBC News Channel 12

Check out Coach Joe Micela on News Channel 12! Joe talks about his experience at the 2012 London Olympics along with his love for coaching the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. If you reside in Arizona, come train with us!

The goal of Depth Jumps

Exercise Tip of the Week: Depth Jump to a Forward Jump/Bound

This is a very advanced exercise and should not be performed by beginners or intermediate athletes. An athlete should be able to Back Squat 1.5 times there Body Weight first before attempting this or other Depth Jumps. This will ensure that the tendons and ligaments in the lower body can sustain the force of the jump. Serious injury to the lower body can occur if the body is not physically prepared for this extreme amount of force placed on it.

Here National Weightlifting Medalist Keith Weitz first steps off a 42 inch Box to the ground. The force of the drop builds up a tremendous amount of kinetic energy in his legs. He then springs upward and forward over a 30 inch and then a 24 inch box. The key is to minimize the contact time with the ground. He absorbs force and redirects/generates force in the opposite direction. This build up of tension along with a short amortization phase followed into a powerful concentric contraction is the essence of Plyometric Training (Shock Training).

The volume of the exercise is kept low, 3-5 reps, with ample rest time to recover from the movement between sets 2-4 minutes.

For more information on Plyometric Training and how it can make you a Faster, more Explosive Athlete contact us at 480-813-5477.


Vitamin D

The body itself makes Vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun. Cheese, Fatty Fish, Egg Yolks, Almonds, Spinach, fortified calcium foods, etc… are great food sources for Vitamin D. Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to Strength Loss, Muscle Weakness, Fatigue, Balance issues, and possible Bone Fractures. ‪#‎wellnesswednesday‬ ‪#‎doyourbodygood‬ ‪#‎vitaminD‬ ‪#‎eatingright‬ ‪#‎getoutdoors‬

Ogan, Dana. Prichett, Kelly. “Vitamin D and the Athlete: Risks, Recommendations, and Benefits.” Published online 2013 May 28. 12642594_1153064741400839_4682836149751165228_n

Youth Sports Dilemma

This was taken from a recent seminar where Coach Micela spoke to a group of Chiropractors who were studying about Youth Sports Injuries.

Youth Sports Dilemma

1. There are more kids who are active in sports then there are qualified coaches to work with them.

2. Rush for high levels of competition at an earlier age without an established base of training or sport knowledge.

3. Year round playing with little to no time off time between seasons,

4. Increasing demands to receive a College Sports Scholarship.

Youth Sports Solution

1. Parents believing in a Long Term Athletic Plan  (Don’t rush the process)

2. Coaches need to seek more knowledge in Sports Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology in order to understand the demands of the sport.

3. Parents and Coaches Goal must be to develop a well rounded Athlete First!

4. Effort and Learning can be as or more important than Outcome alone!

Kids playing Basketballsport_wrestling


2008 Olympian Erin Donohue for placing Second at the 16th Armory Track Invitational in New York

Congrats to 2008 Olympian Erin Donohue for placing Second at the 16th Armory Track Invitational in New York over the past Weekend. Erin is on the comeback as she pursues her goal of making the 2016 Olympic Team. Good Luck Erin!
Name Year School Finals Points
1 Stafford, Gabriela Univ Toronto 4:29.07
2 Donohue, Erin NJ-NY TC 4:29.67
3 Lagat, Violah Adidas 4:29.87
4 Higginson, Ashley Saucony/NJ-NY 4:30.16
5 Lipari, Emily BAA 4:42.26
6 Mosby, Morgan WCAP 4:43.18
7 Traynor, Nicole NJ-NY TC 4:45.53


You can follow Erin and her pursuit to make another Olympic Team at the following site:

Wellness Wednesday: Eating Right


Everyone knows citrus is a great source of Vitamin C. Did you know that vegetables high in Vitamin C are: Brocolli, Kale, Califlower, Red Bell Peppers, Potatoes, etc.?

Some Benefits of Vitamin C:
* Cures the Common Cold
* Protection against immune system deficiencies
* Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
* Maintains Healthy Skin and Wrinkling
* Important for Eye Health
* Essential for the body to make Collagen