Pro Football Player Dead Lifts 270 kilos/594 lbs

Pro Football Player Kevin Ashak is here dead lifting 270 kilos during his morning training session at Performance One Advanced Sports Training in Mesa.  Base Strength and Power are the Fundamentals to Coach Micela’s Program.  Kevin has bought into the system and is preparing for a great upcoming Season.

84 kilo Clean and Jerk by Morgan Huppenthal

84 kilo Clean and Jerk by Morgan Huppenthal.  Morgan is showing strides each and every training session.  If she can stay on track she will be a top 5 national level lifter.

95 kilo Clean from Below the Block

95 kilo Clean from Below the Block from Youth Lifter Jared Clouse.  Jared is training hard for the Youth Nationals in June.

57 kilo Snatch by Master’s Weightlifter Jenny Clouse

Master’s American Open Weightlifting Champion Jenny Clouse Snatching 57 kilos during a Competition on 3/12/16.  Jenny is training hard for the 2016 Master’s National Weightlifting Championships.

Sarah Black to compete at 2016 Pan American Brazilian Jujitsu Championships

2016 Pan American BJJ Championships

Performance One Athlete Sarah Black will be competing this weekend at the 2016 Pan American Brazilian Jujitsu Championships in Irvine, California.  Sarah will be competing in the Open Division, and Master’s Black Belt Division.  She is prepared to chew bubble gum and kick ass and she is all out of bubble gum! Good luck Sarah!

83 kilo Power Clean and Jerk

Masters Weightlifter Jessica Walters hit a New Personal Record in the Power Clean and Jerk with 83 kilos.  She is training hard for the 2016 Master’s Weightlifting Championships.

280 kilo/ 616 lbs Dead Lift by College Football Player Cody King

College Football Player and Weightlifter Cody King performing a routine Dead Lift with 280 kilos/616 lbs during his training on 3/17/16.  Cody is preparing for the upcoming Football Season.

Youth Lifter Snatches 26 kilos

Youth Lifter Luke Clouse Snatches 26 kilos during his third Weightlifting Meet of his very young career.  He went on to go 6 for 6.  26 kilos in the Snatch and 40 kilos in the Clean and Jerk.

140 kilo Front Squat by Junior Lifter Becky Walker

Junior Lifter Becky Walker Front Squats 140 kilos/308 lbs during her training session on 3/14/16.

Youth Lifter Snatches 65 kilos

Youth Lifter Isaac Young Snatches 65 kilos during a competition on March 12th, 2016.  Isaac is a 62 kilo lifter who will be competing at the Youth Nationals letter this summer.