Skyline High School Sophomore Clean and Jerks 253 lbs at a body weight of 132 lbs

Skyline High School Weightlifter Nathan Cerwinske Clean and Jerks 115 kilos during his Friday September 16th, 2016 Training Session.  This was a 5 kilo new personal best.  Nathan is training hard for the 2017 National Junior Weightlifting Championships.

115 kilo Clean (253 lbs) by Desert Ridge High School Junior Raollo Brown

Youth Lifter Raollo Brown Cleaning a New Personal Record of 115 kilos during his Friday Training Session on Friday September 16th, 2016.  Raollo has tremendous strength and athleticism once he gets everything working he’ll post some big lifts.  Keep it up.

High School Sophomore Snatches 189 lbs at a body weight of 132 lbs

84 & 86 kilo Snatches by 16 year old Nathan Cerwinske of Skyline High School.  Nate joins a long list of High School Athletes that have taken up the sport of Weightlifting and have won a medal at the National Level.  We are thrilled to watch Nathans progression while at Performance One.

Missy Faubus Wins Local Competition in Weightlifting

Missy Faubus wins local Weightlifting Competition in Chandler, Arizona over the weekend 9/17/16 She Snatched 83, 86, x89 kilos and Clean & Jerked 98, 102, 106 kilos for a 192 kilo Total.   Missy has qualified for four American Open Weightlifting Championships.  She has finished in the top three of the National University Championship, American Open Weightlifting Championships, and the National Senior Weightlifting Championships.  She is one of the more distinguished weightlifters in the state of Arizona.

Routine 145 kilo Back Squat by Becky Walker

Routine Back Squat for Becky Walker of 145 kilos at the end of her Workout.  Becky is a Performance One Weightlifter but is going to school at Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri.  She follows Coach Micela’s Program and corresponds with him several times a week to make sure that everything is going according to plan.  She will be competing at the 2016 University National Weightlifting Championships in New Orleans at the end of September.

17 year old Cleans 352 lbs from Above the Knee

17 year old Dennis Tan Cleans and Jerks 160 kilos from Above the Knee on 9/7/16.  This drill is used to increase Dennis’s speed under the bar and his ability to turnover his elbows faster in the Clean.  We use this exercise also to predict within a range of what he is capable of doing from the floor.  This places him within 10-15 kilo of what he should be able to do from the floor.  His best Clean and Jerk to date from the floor is 167 kilos.  He has Cleaned 170 from low blocks and from the floor.  The Youth American Record in the Clean and Jerk is 175 kilos.  He is very close to tackling this Goal.

Performance One Offers Remote Coaching for Athletes out of State

Performance One offers remote coaching for athletes who don’t live in Arizona.  Coach Micela is currently working with several athletes on the Lindenwood University Weightlifting Team.  48 kilo lifter Rachel Schwartz is here Snatching 50 kilos.  Rachel is a very talented up and coming lifter.  Coach Micela writes a program and sends it to his remote/distant athletes.  Coach Micela corresponds with the athletes via text, email, and phone calls.  Checking in and evaluating the program and their technique through video analysis.  For more information contact us at 480-813-5477.

253 lbs Front Squat by Morgan Huppenthal


115 kilo Front Squat PR for Morgan Huppenthal this was a 5 kilo improvement from her previous best.  Morgan is one of the hardest working female lifters in our gym.  We are very lucky to be surrounded by very driven women whom are goal oriented.  Keep it up!

Alexa Snatches over Body Weight

59 kilo Snatch by Alexa DuMity.  This lift was a new personal best for Alexa.  She is training hard for the 2016 University National Weightlifting Championships in New Orleans at the end of September.

80 pound 7th Grader Snatches 85 pounds

Rico Quesada Snatches 39 kilos during his training session on Friday Sept 2nd, 2016.  Rico plays Football and competes in Weightlifting.  He is making steady progress and it is very exciting to see what the future brings for him.