470 lb. Dead Lift by Special Olympics Power Lifter Matthew Herbert

On Friday May 5th, 2017 Matthew Herbert Dead Lifted the heaviest weight in the 2017 Arizona Special Olympics Power Lifting State Championships.  Matthew is trained by Tempe Special Olympics Power Lifting Head Coach Joe Micela.

14 year Girl Front Squats 90 kilos (198 lbs)

14 year Old Lulu Arneson Front Squatting 90 kilos (198 lbs) under the watchful eye of Coach Joe Micela.  This was a New Personal Best for Lulu as she is finishing up Track Season and also preparing for the Youth National Weightlifting Championships next month in Atlanta Georgia.

Special Olympic Athlete Bench Presses 225 lbs

Matthew Herbert Bench Presses 225 lbs for a Gold Medal at the 2017 Arizona State Special Olympics Powerlifting Championships.  Way to go Matthew!

Becky Walker Hang Snatches 75 kilos for a Triple

2017 Junior National Weightlifting Champion in the 90 kilo class Becky Walker hitting a Hang Snatch from Above the Knee with 75 kilos for three consecutive reps.  Notice the control that Becky demonstrates as she sets up for each rep.  She doesn’t hastily rush into each rep.   Becky sets her upper and lower back and lowers the bar with precision.  These are very important attributes to have as a lifter.