Master’s Lifter Snatches 110 kilos (242 lbs)

Master’s Lifter Doug Clouse Snatched 110 kilos during his Friday June 30th, 2017 training session at Performance One.  Doug has been chasing this number for quite sometime.  Perseverance and determination has paid off.  Great job Doug!

2017 Olympic Day was a huge success at Performance One!





2017 Olympic Day was a huge success at Performance One!  We were very fortunate to have 2x Olympian John Matthews come in and talk to the athletes about sacrifice, dedication, and goal setting.  Mr. Matthews was a Greco Roman Wrestler who was on the 1976 & 1980 Olympic Teams.  He was a 15 time National Champion in the Sport of Wrestling.  We all appreciate the information on his great journey with our team.

16 year old Back Squats 190 kilos (418 lbs)

Youth National Silver Medalist Nathan Cerwinske Back Squats 190 kilos 1 hour competing at the 2017 Youth Nationals.  When asked why did he back squat after the competition, Nates reply, “we always back squat after heavy snatches and Clean & Jerks.”  Great answer by a great young athlete!


15 year old High School Wrestler Snatches 80 kilos (176 lbs)

Highland High School Sophomore Schuyler Allen Snatched 80 kilos during his training on Thursday afternoon at Performance One Advanced Sports.  Schuyler went on to also Snatch 85 kilos and a close attempt at 87 kilos.  Schuyler also is on the Varsity Wrestling Team and is a Competitive Olympic Weightlifter where in 2016 he finished in the top five in the Nation for his Age and Weight Class.