Day 1 2014 University National Weightlifting Results

First day at the 2014 University Nationals went pretty well. Dorothy Huynh competed in her first National Level competition and showed a lot of fight. She Snatched 53, missed 56 behind (over pull), missed 56 out front (over corrected and cut it short). In the Clean & Jerk she composed herself and came out very intense and focused. She made 64, 68, and 71 kilos (New Personal Record). She finished with 124 kilos and a New Personal Record in the Total. She finished 11th overall in the 58 kilo division. Dorothy has bigger lifts in her and with more training she will be able to showcase her talents.

In the 62 kilo A session Dillon Casillas had a little dog fight on his hands. Dillon did not have his best day but he showed that even not at his best he was going to scratch and fight for every kilo. In the Snatch he made a mental error on his opener with 95 kilos and had to repeat it on his second attempt. He over pulled 100 kilos on his third attempt. Dillon finished 2nd place in the Snatch.
Going into the Clean & Jerk we new it was going to be a three way battle for 2nd place with two other athletes. Dillon made a great opener with 120 kilos. This was the most he had ever opened with. 125 kilos was the call for his second attempt and he made it. Giving him a new Competition Record. The call was for 127 on the third attempt we already had Third Place locked up and this would have forced the other athlete to go very high to beat us. Dillon’s clean with 127 kilos was the best of the day, but called for a very slight incomplete lockout in the Jerk. This left an opening for his opponent to take 129 kilos and leap frog over us. He made the lift. Dillon finished 3rd place in the Clean & Jerk and 3rd Overall in the 62 kilo class. Dillon knows he left 7 kilos out there in the Snatch. When your not at your very best and you still medal you have to walk away somewhat content. But more work has to be done and we’ll correct it and come back stronger.

In the 69 kilo A Session Keith Weitz was prepared to compete. Keith was in very good shape and it showed. He made a very easy opener with 95 kilos in the Snatch and duplicated it on his second attempt with 100 kilos. The call was for 105 kilos on his third attempt. This would have been a Personal Record for Keith and a weight he has never attempted. He lifted the bar off the ground with such tremendous strength that he over pulled the bar and missed it behind. It was a miss but it was a good miss in my eyes because it showed me that Keith has the strength to handle this weight he just missed timed it. That can be corrected. Going into the Clean & Jerk Keith looked good in all his warm ups. He crushed 120 kilos on his opener. On his 2nd attempt he Cleaned 125 very good but on the recovery the bar was cutting his air off a little. He was not able to fully get his air and the Jerk suffered. We made the decision to bump him up to 127 kilos to buy him a little time to so that he could fully recover from the previous lift. Again he Cleaned the weight with great strength. This had been a previous issue with Keith in the past and he worked hard to bring up the deficit. This time he cleared his throat and was able to have a full breath going into the Jerk. However during the Jerk he had slight unlocking of his elbow and was called no lift. I always tell my athletes don’t leave it in the eyes of the judges. Work on perfect technique an leave no doubt. Despite not making the lifts I was happy that Keith was able to attempt these weights. He had never attempted 105 or 127 in a meet before this and they we’re both very close. I am confident that Keith will work hard to make these lifts opening attempts in the near future. He finished in 12th place overall.

Saturday I will be commentating during the 77 A Session at 3 PM (2 PM Arizona Time). Then we will have Blake Edwards competing in the 85 kilo A Session. After that I will Refereeing the 94 kilo A Session.

Sunday Kyle Schmidt will be competing in the 105 B Session, Chase Verquer will be competing in the 105 A Session. Missy Faubus will be competing in the 75+ A Session and Cody King will be competing in the 105+ A Session. Performance One Weightlifting has the most A Session Lifters out of any club from Arizona Representing here at the 2014 University Nationals.