Nathan Peterson says

“Joe is a well-educated and experienced coach/trainer. He has the talent to coach/train individuals for a wide range of athletic and sport interests. He has a professional maturity and business savvy that enables him to work with clients of all ages and grow his business.  I’ve trained with Joe for 6 years and have immensely enjoyed my time training with him. He is committed to each athlete’s success.”

Jineane Ford says

“Coach Micela is AWESOME!! Does so much for our kids!! 🙂

Samantha Wright says

“As soon as I walked through Performance One’s doors and my eyes fell upon a Philadelphia Eagles sign amidst weightlifting posters and memorabilia I knew I’d found my new home in Arizona. Even though I was a complete stranger 2,400 miles from home, I’d immediately been immersed into a community of the strongest athletes and most supportive teammates I’d ever met, led by one of the highest regarded coaches in the sport of weightlifting and the world of strength and conditioning. At Performance One you may be sharing a platform with a Olympic athlete or a high school boy training for wrestling state championships, across from a benching power lifter with a world record, beside a squatting NFL player, and a marathon running mother of three improving her agility across the ladder a few meters away.  No matter your sport, experience, ability, level of strength, or goals, each individual coached by Joe holds one thing in common….drive. Each and every athlete at Performance One is committed to embracing this drive and striving towards the best they are capable of and this commitment is matched by Coach Joe Micela.

I have been in competitive sports my entire life, making the transitions from gymnastics to CrossFit and then olympic lifting, but until now I have never had a coach who has held me to as high, if not a higher standard than I hold myself. Joe provides an unrivaled amount of experience, knowledge, and motivation in the most positive, supportive, and inspiring of environments. “


Lisa Legarreta says,

“Amazing atmosphere, friendly people, and phenomenal coaches! I highly recommend Performance One as your training home!

Ed Lawrence says,

“Great place to work out, especially if you have grown tired of the typical commercial gym scene. Workouts are customized for your goals, and you stay until it is done. I finished school, and needed a hobby to stay sane, so I thought, “Why not weightlifting?” Now I’m addicted.”

Missy Faubus says,

“This is a gym that not only encourages physical betterment, but mental fortitude as well. While the workouts are catered to your individual needs, you gain support from those around you, which helps you make strides in your physical condition. If you’d like to become not only fit, but an athlete, talk to Joe today.”