Skyline High School Senior Snatches 116 kilos

Nate Cerwinske snatching 116 kilos during his training session on Friday Aug 24th.  Nate is preparing for the American Open Series Event 3 in Las Vegas in September.

113 kilo Snatch by Junior Lifter

Skyline High School Senior Nate Cerwinske Snatching 113 kilos during his Training Session on Friday Aug 24th.

10 Year Old performs Box Jumps

Multiple Box Jumps for young athletes to help develop reaction time and power.  Here 10 year old Nino Micela is performing three consecutive box jumps as part of this training at Performance One.

10 year old Snatches 13 kilos

10 year old Nino Micela Snatches 13 kilos during his Training Session at Performance One.  Proper Technical Training starts at an early age.

Brazilian Jujitsu Youth Competitor Clean and Jerks 77 kilos

14 year old Brazilian Jujitsu Competitor Micah Castro Clean and Jerking 77 kilos during his training session at Performance One on Tuesday August 28th, 2018.

87 kilo Clean by 53 kilo Lifter

Tram Tran showing good position with 87 kilo Clean.  Tram is training for the 2018 American Open Series 3 Event in Las Vegas.

Dennis Tan Prepares for the 2018 Junior Pan American Championships

Junior 105 kilo Weightlifter Dennis Tan is shown Snatching 130 kilos during training on Monday August 27th, 2018.  Dennis is preparing to compete at the 2018 Pan American Weightlifting Championships in Colombia.  Dennis is coming off his win of the American Open Series 2 National Competition back in July.  He leaves Sept 6th for the Competition.

New Addition to Performance One

Trainer Spotlight

Lindsay Perrizo

BS, Exercise & Wellness, ASU




Hi, my name is Lindsay Perrizo and I have been a trainer since 2012.  I have a Bachelors of Science degree from ASU in Exercise Science.  Initially, I went to school for nursing and followed a career as a certified nursing assistant at a local Banner hospital. However, I felt my true calling was in the health and fitness industry. I wanted to motivate and help people through exercise.


I am a mother of two fiery redheads that keep me on my toes. As a mother I know the struggles of juggling family, work, and a healthy lifestyle.   My workouts center around being fun, different, and challenging but at the same time keeping my clients on pace to reach their fitness/sports goals.


While on my own fitness journey I experienced many different areas of Health, Sports, and Fitness Training. It is through this self-discovery that I found sports Strength and Conditioning to be by far the best fit for me. Coach Joe Micela’s methodology and experience of training athletes and everyday people is nationally renown and I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Performance One.


At Performance One I will be working with our Youth Athlete Program, Speed & Conditioning Camps, Athletic Conditioning Preparation Boot Camp Classes, and offering 1 on 1 Personal Training.  With hard work, sweat and dedication EVERYTHING is possible. I look forward to working with all of you. Please contact me for more details on all of the programs I will be offering at 480-813-5477.