470 lb. Dead Lift by Special Olympics Power Lifter Matthew Herbert

On Friday May 5th, 2017 Matthew Herbert Dead Lifted the heaviest weight in the 2017 Arizona Special Olympics Power Lifting State Championships.  Matthew is trained by Tempe Special Olympics Power Lifting Head Coach Joe Micela.

80 pound 7th Grader Snatches 85 pounds

Rico Quesada Snatches 39 kilos during his training session on Friday Sept 2nd, 2016.  Rico plays Football and competes in Weightlifting.  He is making steady progress and it is very exciting to see what the future brings for him.

Brazilian Jujitsu Grappler Sarah Black wins 2016 Copa Bela Tournament in Phoenix


BJJ Grappler Sarah Black wins the 2016 Copa Bella Tournament in Phoenix on Saturday April 30th, 2016.  Sarah has been training with Coach Micela for a better part of one year now and has made tremendous strides in her competitive Jujitsu career.

Football Agility/Mobility Drill

Professional Football Player Kevin Ashak performing a Mobility/Agility Drill for his hips and back.  Many people always ask if we only lift weights at our facility and my answer is always no.  We perform a wide range of activities to develop the most out of each and every athlete.  Kevin is one of the more mobile and athletic Lineman because of drills like this.

Mesa High School Senior Wide Receiver Jackson Clement Cleans 110 kilos

Mesa High School Senior Wide Receiver Jackson Clement Cleans 110 kilos during his training during Tuesdays Workout.  Jackson scored 16 Touchdowns this past season.  He hasn’t taken the off season lightly.  Keep it up Jackson as you prepare for your College Career.

Pro Football Player Dead Lifts 270 kilos for 2 reps

Pro Football Player Kevin Ashak Dead Lifts 270 kilos for 2 reps.  He is training hard for the upcoming 2016-2017 season.


Sarah Black to compete at 2016 Pan American Brazilian Jujitsu Championships

2016 Pan American BJJ Championships

Performance One Athlete Sarah Black will be competing this weekend at the 2016 Pan American Brazilian Jujitsu Championships in Irvine, California.  Sarah will be competing in the Open Division, and Master’s Black Belt Division.  She is prepared to chew bubble gum and kick ass and she is all out of bubble gum! Good luck Sarah!

250 kilo Deadlift by Pro Football Player Kevin Ashak

250 kilo Deadlift by Pro Football Player Kevin Ashak on Thursday March 10th, 2016 at Performance One.  Kevin performed this lift after his running workout.  He is training hard for the upcoming Season.  Keep it up Kevin!

Master’s Lifter Jenny Clouse Clean and Jerks 80 kilos

Master’s Lifters Jenny Clouse Clean and Jerks 80 kilos on 2/25/16 during training.  This was a New Personal Record for Jenny at the time.  Way to go Jenny!  Keep up all the hard work.  She is training for the 2016 Master National Weightlifting Championships in Savannah, Georgia in April.

The goal of Depth Jumps

Exercise Tip of the Week: Depth Jump to a Forward Jump/Bound

This is a very advanced exercise and should not be performed by beginners or intermediate athletes. An athlete should be able to Back Squat 1.5 times there Body Weight first before attempting this or other Depth Jumps. This will ensure that the tendons and ligaments in the lower body can sustain the force of the jump. Serious injury to the lower body can occur if the body is not physically prepared for this extreme amount of force placed on it.

Here National Weightlifting Medalist Keith Weitz first steps off a 42 inch Box to the ground. The force of the drop builds up a tremendous amount of kinetic energy in his legs. He then springs upward and forward over a 30 inch and then a 24 inch box. The key is to minimize the contact time with the ground. He absorbs force and redirects/generates force in the opposite direction. This build up of tension along with a short amortization phase followed into a powerful concentric contraction is the essence of Plyometric Training (Shock Training).

The volume of the exercise is kept low, 3-5 reps, with ample rest time to recover from the movement between sets 2-4 minutes.

For more information on Plyometric Training and how it can make you a Faster, more Explosive Athlete contact us at 480-813-5477.