2017 Olympic Day was a huge success at Performance One!





2017 Olympic Day was a huge success at Performance One!  We were very fortunate to have 2x Olympian John Matthews come in and talk to the athletes about sacrifice, dedication, and goal setting.  Mr. Matthews was a Greco Roman Wrestler who was on the 1976 & 1980 Olympic Teams.  He was a 15 time National Champion in the Sport of Wrestling.  We all appreciate the information on his great journey with our team.

16 year old Back Squats 190 kilos (418 lbs)

Youth National Silver Medalist Nathan Cerwinske Back Squats 190 kilos 1 hour competing at the 2017 Youth Nationals.  When asked why did he back squat after the competition, Nates reply, “we always back squat after heavy snatches and Clean & Jerks.”  Great answer by a great young athlete!


470 lb. Dead Lift by Special Olympics Power Lifter Matthew Herbert

On Friday May 5th, 2017 Matthew Herbert Dead Lifted the heaviest weight in the 2017 Arizona Special Olympics Power Lifting State Championships.  Matthew is trained by Tempe Special Olympics Power Lifting Head Coach Joe Micela.

Special Olympic Athlete Bench Presses 225 lbs

Matthew Herbert Bench Presses 225 lbs for a Gold Medal at the 2017 Arizona State Special Olympics Powerlifting Championships.  Way to go Matthew!

115 kilo Clean (253 lbs) by Desert Ridge High School Junior Raollo Brown

Youth Lifter Raollo Brown Cleaning a New Personal Record of 115 kilos during his Friday Training Session on Friday September 16th, 2016.  Raollo has tremendous strength and athleticism once he gets everything working he’ll post some big lifts.  Keep it up.

Good Luck to all our lifters competing this weekend at the Senior National Weightlifting Championships and State Special Olympics Powerlifting Competitions

2016 Senior Nationals Live Webcast

We would like to wish all of our Performance One Weightlifters competing at the 2016 Senior National Weightlifting Championships. Coach Micela will not be able to attend this years competition because he will be coaching the Tempe Special Olympic Powerlifters in the Arizona State Special Olympics Championships. He is extremely torn that he can’t be with his Weightlifters but they are in good hands with other Performance One Team Members. Good luck to our Weightlifters and Powerlifters this Weekend.

Brazilian Jujitsu Grappler Sarah Black wins 2016 Copa Bela Tournament in Phoenix


BJJ Grappler Sarah Black wins the 2016 Copa Bella Tournament in Phoenix on Saturday April 30th, 2016.  Sarah has been training with Coach Micela for a better part of one year now and has made tremendous strides in her competitive Jujitsu career.

Football Agility/Mobility Drill

Professional Football Player Kevin Ashak performing a Mobility/Agility Drill for his hips and back.  Many people always ask if we only lift weights at our facility and my answer is always no.  We perform a wide range of activities to develop the most out of each and every athlete.  Kevin is one of the more mobile and athletic Lineman because of drills like this.

Demo of a Snatch Press into the Bottom

Lindenwood University Distant Coaching Athlete Rachel Schwartz performing a Snatch Press into the Bottom.  Rachel has been working with Coach Micela since March on becoming a better Weightlifter.  One of the drills that Coach Micela uses to develop timing and strength with the Snatch is the Snatch Press into the Bottom of the Squat.  Here Rachel performs the drill acurrately.  The athlete takes the bar off the rack and places their feet into their receiving position for the squat.  She quickly pushes herself down as she simultaneously pushes up on the bar.  The key to this exercises is to maintain an upright torso as the bar moves without hesitation or stopping throughout the entire range of motion.

Mesa High School Senior Wide Receiver Jackson Clement Cleans 110 kilos

Mesa High School Senior Wide Receiver Jackson Clement Cleans 110 kilos during his training during Tuesdays Workout.  Jackson scored 16 Touchdowns this past season.  He hasn’t taken the off season lightly.  Keep it up Jackson as you prepare for your College Career.