Master’s Weightlifter Jenny Clouse Power Snatches 55 kilos

Jenny Clouse Power Snatches 55 kilos during her training session on Tuesday April 19th, 2016.  Jenny is preparing for the 2016 Master’s Pan American Weightlifting Championships.  Keep it up Jenny!

Sarah Black to compete at 2016 Pan American Brazilian Jujitsu Championships

2016 Pan American BJJ Championships

Performance One Athlete Sarah Black will be competing this weekend at the 2016 Pan American Brazilian Jujitsu Championships in Irvine, California.  Sarah will be competing in the Open Division, and Master’s Black Belt Division.  She is prepared to chew bubble gum and kick ass and she is all out of bubble gum! Good luck Sarah!

Youth Sports Dilemma

This was taken from a recent seminar where Coach Micela spoke to a group of Chiropractors who were studying about Youth Sports Injuries.

Youth Sports Dilemma

1. There are more kids who are active in sports then there are qualified coaches to work with them.

2. Rush for high levels of competition at an earlier age without an established base of training or sport knowledge.

3. Year round playing with little to no time off time between seasons,

4. Increasing demands to receive a College Sports Scholarship.

Youth Sports Solution

1. Parents believing in a Long Term Athletic Plan  (Don’t rush the process)

2. Coaches need to seek more knowledge in Sports Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology in order to understand the demands of the sport.

3. Parents and Coaches Goal must be to develop a well rounded Athlete First!

4. Effort and Learning can be as or more important than Outcome alone!

Kids playing Basketballsport_wrestling


Wellness Wednesday: Eating Right


Everyone knows citrus is a great source of Vitamin C. Did you know that vegetables high in Vitamin C are: Brocolli, Kale, Califlower, Red Bell Peppers, Potatoes, etc.?

Some Benefits of Vitamin C:
* Cures the Common Cold
* Protection against immune system deficiencies
* Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
* Maintains Healthy Skin and Wrinkling
* Important for Eye Health
* Essential for the body to make Collagen

Sarah Black will compete at the European IBJJ Championships


We want to wish Performance One Athlete Sarah Black good luck as she competes this weekend at the International Brazilian Jiujitsu European Championships in Lisbon, Portugal. Sara will compete Saturday in the Open class and Sunday in her Division.

Sarah has been training hard with her Coach Gustavo Dantas and in our Strength and Conditioning Program. We wish her all the best as she continues her journey at being the Best Jiujitsu Grappler in the World.

Technique Tip: Press from Split Position

There are exercise that have been shown to have a better transfer over to the Competitive Lifts. For the Jerk, the Press from the Split position has been shown help the athlete develop the necessary muscles and position strength that you will use in the Jerk. Here Morgan Huppenthal is performing the movement. Notice that the lower body does not move while she is Pressing the bar overhead. She does not want to move her upper body at all while doing this exercise. No forward or backward swaying of the Torso. Morgan does an excellent job of maintaining position. This exercise will use less weight than your traditional Standing Press. Once the position is Master slowly add weights. Some Coaches use this exercise as a warm up for the Jerk we at Performance One use it at the end of the Training Session as a Pure Strength Exercise


Coach Micela co sponsors event with CCSP over the Weekend

Coach Micela and Mesa Community College co sponsored an event in conjunction with DConline over the weekend and it was a great success. Twenty eight Chiropractors from across the Valley learned innovative Sports Assessment Protocols from Olympic Training Center Dr. Dustin Nabhan.

Coach Micela presented a talk on the relationship of a Strength and Conditioning with Medical Staff. “Developing a High Performance Team for your athletes is key”, for the benefit of the Team/Athlete coach Micela Said. Coach Micela and the entire Performance One Team has outstanding relationships with Professionals in the disciplines of Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, and Flexibility. Your needs as athlete are our number one priority. Thank you again to Dr. Jeff Messer, Mesa Community, Dr. Dustin Nabhan, and all the doctors who attended this weekends course.

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday: Get After it this week.  Show the week who’s the boss!

Coach Micela, Mesa Community College, and DConline to Co Sponsor Event

Coach Joe Micela, Mesa Community College, and DConline will be co sponsoring a Certified Sports Specialist Certification Program through Mesa Community College. This four part program will provide Continuing Education to Health Care Professionals wanting to work with athletes.

Go to DConline to learn more. Coach Micela and the Performance One Team is very happy to be involved with DConline. Several of the Doctors from DConline currently work with the US Olympic Team based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Coach Micela has worked with Dr. Nabhan at the 2012 Olympic Games.







Join your colleagues and advance your career by becoming a sports specialist. Sports certified Doctors of Chiropractic annually net on average $35,000 more than their non-sports certified counterparts. Revitalize your career and improve your chiropractic case management skills and clinical competency by becoming certified as a chiropractic sports specialist. Don’t miss this opportunity to become all you can be, sign up today!

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Technique Tip: Triple Extension

Triple Extension the act of extending your ankle, knee, and hip forcefully and with precision.