Pro Football Player Dead Lifts 270 kilos/594 lbs

Pro Football Player Kevin Ashak is here dead lifting 270 kilos during his morning training session at Performance One Advanced Sports Training in Mesa.  Base Strength and Power are the Fundamentals to Coach Micela’s Program.  Kevin has bought into the system and is preparing for a great upcoming Season.

Master’s Weightlifter Jenny Clouse ties her PR and then Breaks it

Master’s Weightlifter Jenny Clouse is shown here Snatching 55 & 58 kilos in subsequent lifts.  We compared them to show how consistent her technique is with lifts of 100% & 105% of her Best Snatch.  Jenny has be working extremely hard at Weightlifting and back in April of 2015 she won the Bronze Medal in the 58 kilo 40-44 year old age division.  She is showing great promise and wants that National Master’s Title.  With this lift she has put on 8 kilos unto her Snatch since Master’s Nationals.  Keep it up Jenny!

2015 Master’s Weightlifting Championship David Meltzer wins Silver Medal.

David finished in Second Place of the 2015 Master’s Pan American Weightlifting Championships.   Here he is David Snatch 76 kilos and Clean and Jerking 106 kilos.

19 year old Snatches 157 kilos in Training

157 kilo Snatch

Junior Lifter Cody King Snatches 157 kilo in training.  This is 8 kilos up from his 145 kilos that he did at the 2014 University Nationals where he won the Gold Medal.  Cody is training hard to become the best super heavyweight in the Country.  He is showing each and every workout that he has what it takes to grow into one of the top lifters.  He is young and still very new to the sport with time he will become the best in the Nation.

19 year old Back Squats 572 lbs in Training

19 year old Cody King Back Squats 260 kilos (572 lbs) in Training on Tuesday Nov 18th, 2014.  This was a 10 kilo Personal Record for him.  We have set a Goal of 273 kilos (600 lbs) before February for Cody.  I believe with the consistent training he will go after it.

Back Squat 260 kilos

Junior Lifter Snatches 152 kilos

2014 College National Champion Cody King snatches 152 kilos in training as he prepares for the American Open Weightlifting Championships.

152 kilo Snatch

2014 World Weightlifting Championships 62 kilo Men’s A Session Video

Here is the link to the 2014 World Weightlifting Championships 62 kilo Men’s A Session.  Complete Snatch and Clean & Jerk video.  Enjoy!


2014 World Weightlifting Championships 62 Kilo Men’s A Session

248 lb. Back Squat by 115 lb. Seventeen year old Girl

53 kilo Youth National Champion Kaija Bramwell hitting a Personal Record in the Back Squat with 113 kilos. This lift is over double her bodyweight. Kaija is training hard for the American Open Weightlifting Championships in Washington, D.C. Next year she will be entering the Junior Division.


113 kilo Back Squat by Kaija Bramwell

19 year Back Squats 500 lbs

2014 Junior National Olympic Weightlifting Bronze Medalist Jake Mapes Back Squats 227 kilos (500 lbs.) for a New Personal Record.  This was a 7 kilo improvement from his previous best Back Squat.  He is training hard for the 2015 Junior National Championships where he is aiming for the Gold Medal.  He has been training with 2012 Olympic Coach Joe Micela a little over one year.

Jake Mapes 227 kilos (500 lbs)

155 kilo Clean and Jerk

PR Clean and Jerk by Joe W.  Joe trains at Performance One Advanced Sports Training in Mesa, Arizona under the guidance of US International Coach Joe Micela.